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1v1 Match League

1v1 Match League   

1v1 Matchmaking lets you compete in a league against fellow golfers in a 1 versus 1 format.
There will be 6 Class Ranks to work your way up to be the Number 1 Golfer in Shot Online! 

- Gain Ranking Points by winning matches, going on winning streaks, and defeating players of a higher ranking than you!

 A new bubble will be added to the server selection screen indicating what channel the Matchmaking league is running on.
This will only be displayed while the league is in progress

- The Format will be a 3 hole Hard Random Course(except St Bay & Bianca Fjord) 

- Platinum ~ Legendary: ONLY CT Park Royal, Hidden Forest, Bianca Fjord, and St Bay will be chosen at random. If a Platinum or Legendary player is matched against a Gold ranked player, 
CT Park Royal, Hidden Forest, Bianca Fjord, and St Bay will appear at random times

- 45 seconds per shot

- Will be holed-out automatically when scoring Double Bogey or higher 

In the case of a tie, proceed to a Par 3 hole and closest to the hole will win(same as Guild Tour)

- If a user is disconnected or timed out during a match, that user will forfeit the match

- Players will be awarded the same EXP as rounding with 4 players.

- NG will not be awarded

Able to earn/use Practice Density Points

- Unable to use Cyma or Mulligans

- Gallery Mode can be used

- Achievements can be made

- Quests will remain active

Qualifications for Match League
-Level: Over 101
Title: Over Senior Pro
Fee: No charge

Ranking Classes

- A user who has not competed will be classified as "Normal" Rank
 *The Points needed to acquire each class are subject to change*
Class Minimum Points Win(points) Lose(points)
Bronze 0 +10 -5
Silver 50 +10 -5
Gold 170 +10 -5
Platinum 320 +10 -5
Legendary 360 +10 -5

- No losing streak penalty for Bronze
- No minus points under 0
Winning Streak Win(points)
3 Times +1 
4 Times +2
More than 5 Times +3

- If you beat a player in a higher class: +2 points
- If you lose to a player in a lower class: -2 points

- Tie Breaker for Rank:
1. More winning streaks
2. More wins

League Cycle
- Lasts 1 month
- 6 hours running time every week. 3 days of 2 hour periods
- Maximum of 30 matches can be played per week
- Reward running time: Until the end of the next league

- When a certain rank is achieved, players will be awarded a buff
- If the player loses the rank, they also lose the buff
- Only Gold, Platinum, and Legendary Ranks will receive the buff

  Gold Class: EXP +2.5% ~ 1.6%(percentage will be based on ranking, Top 10%~100%)

 Platinum Class: EXP +6% ~ 5.1%(percentage will be based on ranking, Top 10%~100%)

 Legend Class: EXP +10%, UV +1

- Buff is only active during 1v1 Matchmaking
- When the cycle of a league has completed, rankings will be updated in 30 minutes and the buffs updated accordingly
- If a player competes in 1v1 Matchmaking and loses their current rank, the buff will be updated in real-time
- If a player's rank is changed because of other players ranking up, the buff will not be updated in real-time and will be updated after the league ends

Class Prize Bonus Effect
Legend Anthony's Legendary Blue Jacket/EXP Blessing Power +6, Impact +7, Stam +8, Skill +11, UV Badge +1, P. Density +2/3% of EXP for current level when opening box
Platinum EXP Blessing 2% of EXP for current level
Gold EXP Blessing 1.5% of EXP for current level
Silver EXP Blessing 1% of EXP for current level

- All prizes awarded through Match League rewards will expire in 30 days. Ex: if the league ends on September 30, the items will expire on October 30

How Matches are Made

- Matching will be based on the points each player has in the same rank. Below is the priority in which the game will match you
1. Same points
2. +/- 20 points
3. +/- 50 points
4. +/- 100 points

- If the game cannot match players in the same rank, matchmaking will search for players one rank higher
- Legend ranked players will be matched against the highest ranking players in Platinum rank
- Players from the same IP address will not be allowed to play one another
- Players from the same Guild will be the last priority for matching
- Cannot play the same opponent twice in a row

Playing in 1v1 Matchmaking Mode
- Chat is available
- If player quits, disconnects, or times out during the match, it will count as a loss
- If player runs out of balls or clubs, they will be switched to the basic balls/clubs

Results of Match


After clicking to receive your prize: