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Using Character Name Change Items

This item will allow you to change your character name to another name of your choice,
but there are a few things you should do before doing this:

- You must have removed any items for sale/bid (both old and new) from the Auction.

- If you are in the middle of taking a test or have passed a test, but not yet gained your new title, DO NOT USE THIS ITEM UNTIL YOU HAVE THE NEW TITLE. If you use the name change item before your new title is awarded the previous test information WILL BE RESET!

Example of the above: If you have passed 2 out of 4 Graduation Tests and change your name, the system will reset your player to 0/4 passed. If you take the Semi-Pro test on Saturday and score well enough to have passed, but change your name on Sunday before the titles are awarded on Monday, your player will not get the new title when everyone else does. 

During the process of changing the name, you will also be asked if you would like to keep or discard your Friends List,
please be sure to select the correct option here as if you accidentally choose the wrong option it will be irreversible.
When the name change process has been initiated and your Friends List selection has been made you will then be logged out and your account will be temporarily blocked while the system changes are updated to reflect your new name, after that process completes you will be able to login again normally. Once you use the item you will have to wait for 30 days before you can use another.

NOTE: If you are in the ranking system, your name will be changed the next day.

1. Right click the name change item from your inventory

2. Enter the character name you want and click "Check availability"

Make sure you agree by checking the box and if you want to keep or delete your friends list.

3. Hit "Confirm" to change your character name. You will be automatically kicked and you will have your new character name within 5 minutes.