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Guild Icon, mark, aura and logo

function for guilds to update their own guild icon in-game on their own.

Only Guild Masters can update the Guild Icon(also known as guild image) and the Guild Emblem(used as image for the GuildTour/ShotOnline Leage. Please check out the details below on how to change your guild icon in-game.
This is the actual icon that shows ontop of a character when they are in a guild.

Step 1.  Talk to NPC Anthony Bestra & Choose "Change Guild Image" option

Step 2. Read the direction at top. Click "Change" button to bring out another pop-up window.

Step 3. Select the image you would like to use as a guild icon from "C:\GamesCampus\ShotOnline\Upload" & Press "Confirm"

Step 4. Your guild icon should be updated. Check to see if it's the correct image.

** Important **

1. In order to change a guild mark/emblem, you need to have the image you want to use inthe "Upload" folder, located inside of your "Shot Online" folder.

2. Only "24-bit Bitmap" file type can be used as a guild icon.

3. Guild mark should be 16x16 and for emblem, 64x64.

4. When the applied image does not fit the mentioned size and/or format, it will not be properly updated.

5. If an inappropriate image is used, the guild master will be punished.
Guild house level 4 banners
Banners are available both inside and outside the guildrooms.
You can have 4 banners in total for a guild-room.
You have to write a dq&a in order to send a request to get these banners and attach the images in that message.

Please name your DQA title as 'Guild Banner Submission'
Guild Banners:
Guild Name
Guild Masters ID
Guild Masters Character name
Banner sizes: 
Outside the guild room on billboard
512 x 256 pixels 24 bit color

Inside the guild room 
256 x 512 pixels 24 bit color
Must be in JPEG or BMP format, and if you would like them to show up in a specific way, label the files accordingly (left, right, center, outside)

Guild aura(guildroom level 8 required):
A guild aura is the image shown below the character when a character is on the square.
Command to toggle the visibility: / gaura on and / gaura off (LVL100-Aura must be switched on at the same time))  
You can apply for your own guild aura with your own guild logo (128x128 px, file format .bmp), by writing a dq&a.

Please name your DQA title as 'Guild AuraSubmission'
Guild Name
Guild Masters ID
Guild Masters Character name

Guildhat icon(guildroom level 8 required):

You can apply for your own guild cap logo (128x128 px, file format .bmp), by writing a dq&a.
Please name your DQA title as 'Guild Cap Submission'
Guild Name
Guild Masters ID
                                                         Guild Masters Character name