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Group 3 Clothing Upgrade

Group 3 Clothing Upgrade

This system is used to upgrade your Group 3 Set clothes to provide added Skill and EXP.

Only Group 3 Set Clothes can be upgraded using this system. Group 1 and Group 2 and non set clothes cannot be upgraded.

There are two methods to upgrade your clothing:
1. Using a perment clothing item
2. Using a Fabric item

There are 6x types of Fabric Items:
Fabric - All Parts(can be used on any piece of Group 3 clothing)
Fabric - Hat
Fabric - Top
Fabric - Bottom
Fabric - Gloves
Fabric - Shoes

Other than the item "Fabric - All Parts", you must use the appropriate piece of fabric to upgrade a specific item. Example: UV Pircnic Pink Shirt GRP -BKI must be upgraded using "Fabric - Top"

There are 5x grades of Fabrics:
Basic Fabric - Upgrade your Group 3 Set Clothes by 1%
Fabric for Intermediate - Upgrade your Group 3 Set Clothes by 2%
Fabric for Advanced - Upgrade your Group 3 Set Clothes by 3%
Fabric for Higly Advanced - Upgrade your Group 3 Set Clothes by 4%
Fabric for Master Tailors - Upgrade your Group 3 Set Clothes by 5%

Using a permanent clothing item to upgrade will increase your Upgrade status more than Fabric items

+1 Upgrade Status = Skill +1, EXP +1%

To begin upgrading your clothes, start by Right-Clicking the item inside your inventory

An Upgrade Tab has been added to Group 3 Clothes

Lets first upgrade using a Fabric Item. Place the Fabric into the Upgrade Material. You will be shown the "After upgrade" change. Click the Upgrade button to proceed.

A Result window will appear showing your added upgrade percentage

Now lets upgrade using the same piece of permanent clothing. This will upgrade your clothing piece +1

The Result window

As you can see, our Upgrade Status went from +0 to +1. Our 1% from the Fabric - Basic remains since this upgrade materiel upgraded the whole percent bar. 

NOTE: Not all permanent pieces of clothes will upgrade the status +1. Please view your "After upgrade" change before proceeding with the upgrade