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[INFO] Minor Content Renewal

Date Apr 28, 2021 Views 756
Dear SOmmunity,

Along with new contents, we have also made some changes and improvements to our existing contents.
Please refer below for details:

1. Honor Pro EXP Effect
> Level-up Effect Modification
- Honor Pro titles will now encounter a new Level-Up effect.

> EXP Bar Color Change
- The EXP Bar will appear purple instead of green for Honor Pros.

> Honor EXP Sign Change
- During rounding, the sign that appears when receiving EXP next to the character image on the top left corner has changed to Honor Pro exclusive effect.

- The Honor EXP string within the message window has also changed.

2. Score alert message removal for guilds
- You will no longer encounter messages from the guild if a guild member achieves an albatross.

3. New mode playable for the quest “Bianca’s Support – Sharing your skills”
- You can now play the quest in Swift Stroke mode.

4. Item removal within the Blessing of Hecate +10 box
- The Special Enhancement Stone has been removed from the Blessing of Hecate +10 box.

5. Game Time Dice Reward Improvement
- The Losing Ticket option for Game Time Dice rewards will be removed.
Special Premium Rank Before After
Normal Losing Ticket Normal Rune +1
Losing Ticket Course Treasure +1
Vidar +2 Vidar +2
Loki +2 Loki +2
Thor +2 Thor +2
Odin +2 Odin +2
Deluxe Losing Ticket Normal Rune +1
Vidar +2 Vidar +2
Loki +2 Loki +2
Thor +2 Thor +2
Odin +2 Odin +2
Course Treasure +1 Course Treasure +1
Luxury Vidar +2 Vidar +2
Loki +2 Loki +2
Thor +2 Thor +2
Odin +2 Odin +2
Course Treasure +1 Course Treasure +1
Advanced Rune +1 Advanced Rune +1

6. Addition of new monthly packages to the Item Mall
- Monthly packages with a purchase limit of 1 time per account per month have been added to the item mall.
- The newly added packages are not available for gifting.
- You can retrieve the purchased packages from the virtual locker.
- All compositions of the packages are non-tradeable.
- Once opening the package, the compositions will be moved to your jewel pouch.
Package Name Composition
Rune Pack II 4x Normal Rune +500 Pouch
2x Advanced Rune +25 Pouch
Package Name Composition
Artifact Pack 1x Hard Course Artifact
1x Hardest Course Artifact
1x Conqueror’s Artifact

7. Valhalla Shop Renewal
We have excluded some items in the Valhalla Shop and replaced them with new ones!
Before After
Capricornus Cyma 18
Odin Pin I Diamond Gem
Cyma 18 Mulligan 2
Diamond Gem Caddy Contract Box (4*25)
Mulligan 2 Zodiac Plus 100
Caddy Contract Box (4*25) Odin Skill Drink G 5
One Point Lesson Ticket 20 Grace-Vela-Avatar VIP II – 3 days
Swing Trainer K-3 [20%] Brooch [30%/30%] 18
One Point Lesson Ticket Box Theurgia P70 18
Ambrosia 30% One Point Lesson Ticket 500
  Mageia Plus N7 18
  Platinum Tee
  Smart Ball Marker A 10
  Ambrosia 50% 5
  Swing Trainer K-2 [35%]

We hope you enjoy!

Your Shot Online Team