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SO League - Postseason - Details!

Date Jun 05, 2020 Views 1,986
Dear Shot Online Community,
Through the monthly May Maintenance, we have finally arrived with the Post Season for Shot on League. Please see below for a detailed guide regarding the Post Season.

♥Post Season Info
>Post Season Participation Requirement
- Only the Top 5 Guilds from the Regular Season of SOL is eligible to participate in the Post Season.
> Tournament Types
Week Tournament
1 Wild Card
2 Quarter Finals
3 Semi Finals
4 Finals

* For Round 1, guild representatives will be given 1 week to register participating players, starting on Monday.
* Once Round 1 ends, guild representatives must register players who will participate in Round 2 in 10 minutes, and also 10 minutes to register for Round 3 after Round 2 ends.
* As the Player Registration time is short for Round 2 and Round 3, please make sure to prepare beforehand.
* The buff given after the Regular Season will last until the player registration for the Post Season begins.

>Order of the Tournament
- The guilds that have ranked 4th and 5th place in the Regular Season will participate in the Wild Card Tournament. The winning guild for each Tournament will move on to the next Tournament and play with the next higher ranked guild from the Regular Season.

>Game Type
- Total 6 players from each guild needs to participate: 3 groups of 2 players.
- Game Mode: Match Foursome
- Course and Holes: 6 holes from random Hard courses

>Tournament Process
- Each tournament will consist of 3 rounds
- Each round will consist of 3 matches. Each match will require 2 players from each guild to participate.
- Once it is time for the round to start, the 3 matches will begin at the same time.
- The guild that wins 2 matches out of the 3 will be the winner for that round.
- The guild that wins 2 rounds out of the 3 rounds will move on to the next tournament.

- If the Round ends as a tie, then a PAR3 Nearest matchwill take place. The course will the the same as the courses from the Round.
- The Nearest Match will have a 30 second limit, and will be 1 single Tee-shot
- All four players from the Round will do a shot during the Nearest Match. The group with the player who scored the best record wins.
   * EX) Guild A Player a: HIO, Player b: HIO / Guild B Player a: HIO, Player b: 120 yards
   * In the above case, since the best score achieved among the four players is an HIO and both guilds achieved HIO, this is considered as a tie and an additional Nearest match will take place.
- In case of ties in Nearest matches, additional Nearest matches will take place, and there will be a maximum of 3 Nearest matches in total for tie breaker matches.
- If the winner is still not determined after the Nearest match, then the winner will be the Guild that achieved a higher score within the Regular Season of SOL.
♥Post Season Details
>Register Players
- Only the Guild Masters, Sub-Masters, and other guild representatives are eligible to register players to participate in the Post Season
  * Player registration cannot be done by several guild representatives at the same time.
  * If a guild representative is currently in process of registering players, then other representatives cannot register players.
>How to register Players for Post Season

- Before the start of the match, click on the “Player Registration” button in order to register players.

- After clicking the “Player Registration” button, the above pop-up window will appear. Players that are available to register will appear on the left column.
- Add players to each group by clicking on the EMPTY spaces and then clicking on the guild member that you wish to add to that group.
- After clicking on the guild member, press the ▶button to finalize the registration of that member.
- If you wish to change players, click on the guild member you wish to remove from the group and then click on the ◀button.
- After all registration process is completed for all 3 groups, click on the “Apply” button to finalize the player registration.
# Player Registration Details
* 2 Guild Members can be registered for each Group A / Group B / Group C.
* You must click on the “Apply” button after registering players in order to save the info.
* If you wish to change participating guild members, you must repeat the above process by removing and replacing the players, and click on the “Apply” button to save any changes.
* If you close the window without clicking on the “Apply” button, changes will not be saved.
* Once the player registration period is over, any open Player Registration windows will automatically close.

- Once the Round preparation begins, each Round tab will open.
- Please make sure that all players are registered for each Group so that the guild can participate for each Round.
- You can check on the registered players after the player registration process is completed.
- You can check on all registered players for each Round1 / Round2 / Round3. If the Round is completed, then you can check whether your guild has won or lost the round.

- You can also check on the Post Season process through the tournament table.

# Restrictions to Post Season participation
Below players will not be able to participate for Post Season:
*Any players who have been banned from SOL due to account abusing issues during the Regular Season.
* Players who have not connected to the game for more than 2 months.
* Players who have not met the level and title requirements.
  * Only players that are over Level 101 and at least Senior titles that are within guilds are eligible to participate.
* Players who have left guilds in the middle of the league.
>How to cancel Registered Players

- If a registered player do not wish to participate, then the player can cancel registration by their own.
- You can remove yourself from the registration tab by Right-clicking your own character name.
- Player registration cancellation can be done only during the Player Registration period. Also, if the guild representative is in process of registering players, or if it is the tournament preparation period, players cannot cancel their registration status.
- After the player cancels himself from the player registration list, if the guild representatives do not register a new player in the group then that group will automatically lose.
- Even if one Group is disqualified, as long as the remaining two Groups win, then that guild can still move on to the next tournament.

>Moving to the Player Waiting Room

- After the Player Registration Period is over, the button that leads to the Player Waiting Room will display on the lower right corner.
- Once the players enter the Player Waiting Room, additional modifications to registered players cannot be made.

- After entering the Player Waiting Room, players can exit the Waiting Room by clicking on the Leave button on the lower right corner. This will lead to the server selection window.
**CAUTION!- If registered players do not enter the Player Waiting Room until the start time of the round, then that group will automatically be disqualified.
>Player Waiting Room NPC

- You can make additional preparations through NPC Jessica within the Player Waiting Room.
# Menus from NPC Jessica
* Access to Personal Locker
* Access to Guild Locker
* Available to repair clubs
* If you don’t have any clubs equipped, or have clubs that have 0 durability left before the round starts, then you will be automatically disqualified.
>Start of the Rounds

- Countdown will start before the beginning of the round. Once the countdown is over, the round will begin soon after.

- Once the round begins, all players in the Player Registration Room will be moved to the Rounding screen. Once all players are connected, the round will begin.

- After the round is completed, players will be able to see the round results at once. After checking the results, the players will be moved to the server selection window.
- As explained above, total 3 Rounds will be played by 3 groups, each with 2 players. The winning guild will move on to the next tournament.

- Each round is 60 minutes long. If the round exceeds 60 minutes, then that round will not be counted towards the tournament.
- If any players leave in the middle of the round due to any reasons (such as unstable network connection), then the round for that group will be automatically counted as defeat.
>Conclusion of the SOL

- Once the tournament is completed up to the Finals, the final winning guild will be determined and an in-game notice will appear.
> Prize NG
- The entry fee collected during the Regular Season will become the Prize NG.
- Depending on the Post Season results, the NG will be distributed accordingly to the below table. 20% of the total collected NG will be taken as a commission.
Rank Prize NG %
1st 40% of total Prize NG
2nd 18% of total Prize NG
3rd 12% of total Prize NG
4th 8% of total Prize NG
5th 2% of total Prize NG
>Winning Guild Exclusive Title Icon

- After the Post Season is concluded, the 1st / 2nd / 3rd place guild members will receive a Laurel Wreath icon around their title icons.
- The title icons will remain until the beginning of the next Regular Season of the SOL.
> Guild Reward Items
Rank Reward Item
1st Post Season Victory Trophy
Shot on League Victory Ball [60%]
2nd Post Season 2nd Place Trophy
3rd Post Season 3rd Place Trophy
4th Post Season 4th Place Trophy
5th Post Season 5th Place Trophy
* The Post Season Trophies are items that gives you extra EXP buff.
*Any reward items that are not specified with their function will be announced in a separate announcement.

>Setting up buffs in the Victory Statue of the Winning Guild

Once the winning guild of the Post Season is determined, the Victory Statue within the Square will become activated with the Guild’s name.

- The Guild master of the winning guild of the Post Season can set EXP / NG / P.Density buffs by clicking on the statue..
- The guild master can distribute the given ‘6 points’ during the buff setting time to the wanted buff. Once the buff setting time is over, the guild master cannot set up the buff.
- Once the buff setting time is over, players can receive the buff by clicking on the “Congratulate” button once per day.
- The Victory Statue buff can be received by all players who have congratulated the guild through the statue.
*Any additional buffs that have not been specified in the guide will be announced through additional announcements.
Thank you for your active participation in the Shot On League.
Additional information regarding non-specified rewards and buffs will be announced in the near future.
We hope you enjoy Shot Online along with the newly updated Post Season.
Your Shot Online Team