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[Info] Maintenance Report - November 29th, 2023

Date Nov 28, 2023 Views 1,479
Dear community,
Thank you for your patience and now you can login to the game.
Maintenance details can be found below:

1. The second major update in 2023
In celebration of our major update, we have prepared exciting events for you.


2. New Title: Legend Pro
Once you have reached level H10 (1000), you can receive the quest to become a Legend Pro.

3. New Items: T. Ambrosia and weather drink
As a Legend Pro, you can get the new great items : T. ambrosia & Weather drink
4. New Item: Victoria
From now on, you can enhance your [Enhanced 10] Hecate into the new item Victoria .
This new item gives you better bonuses and boxes.
5. Third Option for Advanced Legend Clothes
It is now available to expand a third option to your Advanced Legend Clothes. 
6. The SOWC returns
The SOWC is finally back after 4 long years! In December we will be running a test season of SOWC.

7. Adjustment to Scenario Quest
Scenario quests from level 91 to the graduation test have been adjusted to make it easier to achieve the Senior Pro title.

8. Bianca Fjord returns
After the renewal, Bianca Fjord has returned as an EXP Happy course.

9. New square
New square has been changed to celebrate our second update!

10. New quest tickets
The new Quest Tickets are available! With them, you can earn a lot of EXP and special items!

11. Improvements on the Miniature Present Box and Top EXP Box
To make the miniature course even more fun for you, we have improved the composition of Miniature Present Box and Top EXP Box.

12. Change in Blessed Freya Box
New fabric pieces have been added in the Blessed Freya Box.

13. Improvement on Old Club / Club Recycle Box
New items for Old club / club recycle box have been added and the compositions have been improved.

14. Guild House Distribution
Congratulations to all guilds that received or were able to keep a guild house.

15. Temporary Addition of a New Open Tour Schedule
05 : 00 ~ 06 : 00 NEW
This schedule is planned to run for 8 weeks.

16. Some item names have been changed
To avoid any confusion, we have changed item names to maintain consistency.

17. Update on Honor Class Cost
Depending of the level of the master, the maximum amount of cost has been updated.

Level of master Maximum amount of cost
H(1) ~ H(5) 40
H(6) ~ H(10) 42
Legend Pro 45

18. Bug fixes and other changes
- The fabrics that can be crafted by gathering 1,000 fabric pieces in the Item Recipe System have been changed to tradable item.
- As previously announced, the speed coins have been retrieved and the 2022 S2 Advanced Speed ​​Jumping Book quests have been deleted.
- The bug that you couldn't select the character without changing the server because of the login event has been fixed.

If you encounter a "Decompression error" during patching, please restart your PC.
This will solve the issue.
Thanks for waiting during our maintenance, and I hope you enjoy the game!
Current version: 10791
We hope you continue to enjoy Shot Online!

Your Shot Online team