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[INFO] Maintenance Report - Feb 21st~22nd, 2023

Date Feb 21, 2023 Views 841
Dear community,
Thank you for your patience and now you can login to the game.
Maintenance details can be found here:
1. New Permanent Costume Cover
You can pick up a new permanent costume cover from NPC Ceridwen. 
2. Spring at Shot Online
As the weather warms up again, we're adjusting our login screen, square, and box animations.
3. New items and putters for St.Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day is coming up in March and there will again be great special items and a new putter for this event! So you can be curious.
4. Club reinforcement bug
We fixed the bug that sometimes changed char type after club reinforcement reset. 
5. Bug fixes and other changes
- Fixed an issue where users were not able to participate in World Tour due to level difference with the host.
- Fixed an issue where stage 1 mission from Guild relay mode was getting completed repetitively.
- Fixed an issue where connected users were shown as offline in the friend's list.
- Accounts that had not been logged in for more than 5 years were deleted to protect personal data.
- Sometimes rounds would end once Honor caddy Emma reached level 15. This bug has been fixed.
If you encounter "Decompression error" during patching, please restart your PC. This will solve the issue.
Thanks for waiting during our maintenance and hope you enjoy the game!
Current version:10748
We hope you continue to enjoy Shot Online!
Your Shot Online team