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New system: SO Open Tour

Date Aug 25, 2021 Views 2,144

Dear Shot Online Community

The August update bring up Two new systems to the game: SO Open Tour!
Please see below for details regarding the new content.

Warning: The current release SO Open Tour is a Trial Run. Open times and rewards may change upon the official opening.

SO Open Tour

You can participate in the Open Tour by clicking on the Open Tour Board in the Square between NPC Grace Vela and NPC Hugin.
** The minimum number of players to start the Open Tour is 10 people. Maximum 20 players can play at once.

* There will be 3 tabs available once you click on the Board.
* The rewards displayed on this screenshot is an example. The actual reward details can be found below.

- Open Tour Participation Requirements and Time

Cost: 5 000 000 NG per player

* Only players above level 120 and above National Pro I can participate.
* The Open Tour will take place only on Professional II channel (US) / Blue Channel (DE)
* The times and channels may change upon the official open.

Weekday Time
Saturday and Sunday (US)
Friday and Saturday (DE)
13:00 ~ 14:00 1 Hour for each time frame
19:00 ~ 20:00 (US)
18:00 ~ 19:00 (DE)

* If 10 people participate in 1 round, the total fee will be 50,000,000 NG
* Total Fee – Participation Prize NG – Commission Fee 30% = Total Prize NG
* The prize money that will be given out by the end of the round is based on the collected entry fee. The entry fee NG will not be compensated for users who: leave in the middle, forcefully close the game, get kicked from the game.
* If you leave in the middle of the game, forcefully close the game or get kicked out, you will still receive the participation prize NG and bonus EXP earned up to the completed hole. The amount of holes where you can receive bonus EXP will be deducted accordingly.

Open Tour Reward
Rank Reward
1st Place 50% of the total prize NG
1x One Point Lesson Ticket 500
2nd Place 30% of the total prize NG
1x One Point Lesson Ticket 300
3rd Place 20% of the total prize NG
1x One Point Lesson Ticket 200
Participation Prize NG 500,000 NG
9 hole completion reward 30x Broken Valhalla’s Soul Stone

* The prize money distributed is based on the collected entry fee NG – commission fee of 30%.
* The distributed prize NG can be checked in the Open Tour waiting room.
* The entry fee and commission fee may change upon the official open.

- How to Participate

* Click on the Open Tour Board to participate during open hours.

* Once 10 players join the Open Tour waiting room, the status will change to entry stand-by. The remaining time until the start of the game will be displayed on the lower right corner of the window.
* Once more than 10 players enter the Open Tour waiting room, the entry fee will be calculated.
* After the entry fee calculation is concluded, the consumed entry fee cannot be returned.
* Once the remaining time hits below 1 minute, the total prize NG will be displayed.

* There are total 9 holes for one round.
* Once the round begins, you can look at trajectory of the other players’ balls.
* If you do not wish to see the trajectory, you can turn off the function.
* If you finish the hole earlier than other players, you can see the next player that is closest to the hole cup.
* You can see the current progress by clicking on “View Details”
* By clicking on the “D” key during the round, you can see the score card for each player and the amount of prize money based on the rank.

* The Total EXP displayed in the result window shows the amount of EXP earned based on each hole score.
* The Bonus shows the bonus amount of EXP earned through equipped items. This is the final amount of EXP earned through the round.
* The Total EXP can be earned up to 2 times per each time frame of the SO Open Tour.

- Hole Score EXP

Score Acquirable Total EXP
HIO 2%
Albatross 1%
Eagle 0.8%
Birdie 0.5%
Par 0.2%


* 9 HIOs means 18% Total EXP
* If you manage to achieve 50% bonus through equipped items, you can earn extra 9% EXP.
* The final EXP earned including the bonus will be 18% + 9% = 27%.

- If the Open Tour course is the same as Special EXP Happy Course

* You will be able to receive the amount of Special Happy Course bonus EXP according to the remaining playable Special Happy Course holes.

We hope you enjoy the game!!
Your Shot Online Team