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[INFO] Shot Pass System

Date Apr 28, 2021 Views 623
 Dear SOmmunity,

We have arrived with a guide to one of our new contents that was updated in April: Shot Pass.
Please refer below for details regarding the new content:

Shot Pass System
Shot Pass Overview

* The Shot Pass button will only appear during the event period.
* The Shot Pass button will only be visible within the Square.

* Once purchasing the Shot Pass membership, the icon image will change, and you will be able to receive the Shot Pass rewards depending on the grade level of the Shot Pass.
* You can only purchase once per account, and the membership will be distributed to your virtual locker. Please make sure you receive the membership to the character you wish to activate.

- Purchasing the Shot Pass Membership

* You can purchase the Shot Pass Membership through the Shot Pass button during the event period.
* The 4 item images above the Item Mall button are the final rewards you will be able to receive once completing all Shot Pass missions.
* You will be able to receive Shot Pass exclusive rewards other than the grade level rewards after purchasing the Shot Pass membership.

- In-game Shot Pass Main Window

* The Shot Pass period will be available on the top left corner of the window. The event period will last for 90 days after the open date.
* The Shot Pass will stay open for an extra 1 week after the event period ends for you to receive any un-received rewards.
* Any un-received rewards will not be recovered for you after the extra 1 week period for receiving the rewards, so please make sure to receive all rewards.
* You can earn grade points to level up your grade by completing Daily and Weekly missions.
* Your grade level will increase once you gain enough points.
* You will be able to receive the rewards located on the left side of the window once reaching the specific grade levels.

- Mission Reset Period
Daily Missions: Every day 4AM
Weekly Missions: Every Monday 4AM

* After completing the missions, please make sure to click on the “Receive” button to receive the grade points needed to level up.
* If the mission resets before receiving the points for completed missions, you will not be able to recover the lost points.

We hope you enjoy!

Your Shot Online Team