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Sneak Peek - Special Happy Course

Date Oct 19, 2017 Views 9,912


Dear Shot Online Community,
Today, we'll tell you more about the new Happy Course system, arriving next week on Shot Online. The system introduces new types of bonuses and 3 Special Happy Courses a day! Discover all the details below...



Special Happy Courses will replace the existing Happy Course. Instead of only 1 course, there will be 3 of them: Increased  rate, increased  rate, and increased  rate of special items.


The Special Happy Courses will be accessible through the course-selection screen.



As you can see, the normal course selection with all courses is available to you as usual, but there's one new menu on the top for Special Happy Courses.

Note that this means if, for example, Volcano is selected as EXP Happy Course, you can enter the Happy Course version of Volcano by clicking on the Volcano course in the "Special Happy Course" menu, or you can also enter the "normal version" of Volcano by clicking the normal version in the regular Course Selection.

As in the old Happy Course system, you will get a box for scoring a hole in one, and fatigue won't increase when playing rounds on a Special Happy Course. Also, once a day per character, if you score below par -57 after completing 18 holes with 4 people, you will get a Special Happy Course I box on normal courses and a Special Happy Course II box on hard courses.

The NG and DROP courses will change every day at 1am server time. EXP course changes Monday and Thursday at same time. Please note that the happy courses are unavailable for period of 1 hour before change.




You can play a maximum of 40 holes on the EXP Happy Course. Once the hole count is down to 0, bonus EXP ceases to apply, but you can still finish the round. It is also possible to recharge the available holes up to 20 holes by spending NG.

Warning: In case of an EXP event/token being active at the same time, the highest EXP bonus applies.



You can play a maximum of 18 holes on the NG Happy Course. Once the hole count is down to 0, you can continue to play in the room, but the NG bonus is no longer applied. It is not possible to recharge the number of holes available on the NG Happy Course.

Warning: In case of an NG event/token being active at the same time, the highest NG bonus applies.



You can play an unlimited number of holes on the Drop Happy Course. The drop rate of special items is increased by 20% on this course.




As the number of holes is limited on the EXP Happy Course, you can see the total of the remaining holes below your character in the waiting room before starting a round.

It's possible to buy up to 20 more holes with NG when the count is down to 0. You can recharge holes on the course-selection screen.



A minimum of 40 holes are available every day, with 1 deducted after each hole (which provides positive EXP) is played (this means that holes are not deducted for PARs (for some titles), and bogeys). On the screenshot above, you can see a blue box with an "80" just below our beloved bunny golfer. This indicates the number of holes you have left to play.

When the count is down to 0, it is still possible to play on the course, but the bonus will be removed and the normal EXP rate will be applied instead (except if there is an ongoing EXP event, in which case the event bonus will apply).


On the course-selection screen, when the available-hole count for the EXP Happy Course is down to 0, an orange button appears which allows you to buy more holes and keep benefiting from the increased EXP rate for 20 more holes.



Clicking the orange button opens a window where you can decide how many holes you want to buy and see how much it will cost you. Price per hole is currently 3 million NG (subject to change).


We hope you will enjoy this new system!

Have fun on the Special Happy Courses!


Shot Online Team