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Spring Box Sales!

Date May 11, 2023 Views 1,688
May 12, 2023 00:00 ~ May 15, 2023 02:00




Spring Fashion Box!

Spring Clothes and everything related for the best rounding!
Contains '23 Bloom' and 'Oxford' collection


Buy 10, Get 3 Free
4990 CC

Buy 5, Get 1 Free
2495 CC

Buy 1
499 CC


Please note that "PURCHASE" links only become available when the sale starts!


Reward Event

Our most loyal box buyers get additional rewards!

Top Buyers  Random 10 Buyers
Rank 1 
12x Club Reinf. Ticket G2

Rank 2 
10x Club Reinf. Ticket G2

Rank 3 
8x Club Reinf. Ticket G2

Rank 4 to 10
5x Club Reinf. Ticket G2

Random Pick Among Buyers!
2x Club Reinf. Ticket G2


Fashion Box Contents

       Contains one of the following items (Name / Amount*):

'Bloom' Summer 23 Collection!
Bloom Green Point Cardigan -IK / -BIK or
Bloom Yellow Point Cardigant -PI /- BPI
Bloom Brown Pants -IK or
Bloom White Pants -PI
Bloom Green Point Cap -IK / -BIK or
Bloom Yellow Point Cap -PI / -BPI
Bloom Brown Shoes -IK /
Bloom White Shoes-PI 
Bloom Green Point Gloves -IK/ -BIK 
Bloom Yellow Point Gloves -PI / -BPI
UV Bloom Agail Patterned Cardigan -KI / -BKI  
UV Bloom Beige Pants -KI  
UV Bloom White Point Cap -KI / -BKI  
UV Bloom Dark Brown Shoes -KI   
UV Bloom Beige Point Gloves -KI / -BKI  

UV Bloom Clothes Set  
Bloom Clothes Set  
'Oxford' Collection!
Oxford Navy Two-toned Knit ROY -IK/ -BIK or
Oxford Brown Two-toned Knit ROY -PI /- BPI   
Oxford Purple Check Pants ROY -IK or
Oxford Green Check Pants ROY  -PI    
Oxford Navy Army Cap ROY -IK/ -BIK or
Oxford Brown Army Cap ROY -IK -PI/ -BPI
Oxford Brown Welt Shoes ROY -IK or
Oxford Khaki Welt Shoes ROY -PI
Oxford Navy Half Sheepskin Gloves ROY - IK/ -BIK or
Oxford Brown Half Sheepskin Gloves ROY -PI/ -BPI
UV Oxford Twisted Knit ROY -KI / -BKI  
UV Oxford Blue Check Pants ROY -KI  
UV Oxford Grey Two-toned Army Cap ROY -KI/ -BKI  
UV Oxford Black Two-toned Welt Shoes -KI   
UV Oxford Grey Whole Sheepskin Gloves -KI/ -BKI  

 Loki/Odin/Thor Pin III 2000      
 Zodiac Pin III 1000/2000   
 Brooch [35%/35%] 100/250  
 Brooch [40%/40%] 100/250  
UV Thor/Loki/Odin/Vidar II G2 [35%/35%]           
UV Thor/Loki/Odin/Vidar II G2 [30%/30%]  
UV Thor/Loki/Odin/Vidar III G2 [25%/25%]  
Epimetheus EXP Badge 12% 100/150/250  
Epimetheus EXP Badge 11% 100/150/250  
Badge Collection 
(Epimetheus-EXP Badge 12%, Topaz NG Badge 12%, UV+4 Badge) 
NG Bundle 
(Topaz NG badge 12% + Valentine Costume NG)
Accesories Set
(Epimetheus-EXP Badge 12%, Zodiac Pin III, Brooch [40%/40%] 100 
Topaz NG Badge 12% 100 / 250  
Topaz NG Badge 11% 100 / 250  
UV+3 Badge 100 / 250  
UV+4 Badge 100 / 250  
Burning Clothes Cloth  
3x Character Type Change Ticket - Clothes      
Legend-Clothes-Effect Ticket  
Clothes-Upgrading Fabric  
Clothes-Enhancing Cloth  
 Avatar Extension Ticket (7/14 days)  
Reinforcement Ticket Set 25%
(Top + Bottom + Shoes + Hat + Glove + Clothes)
Reinforcement Ticket Set 30%
(Top + Bottom + Shoes + Hat + Glove + Clothes)
Reinforcement Ticket 25%: Receive 1 of the followings
(Top / Bottom / Shoes / Hat / Glove / Clothes)
Reinforcement Ticket 30%Receive 1 of the followings
(Top / Bottom / Shoes / Hat / Glove / Clothes)
Thor/Belita/Meriel/Calix/Grace Vela card level 10 - K  
Grace Vela VIP Card  
Promotion Cloth Pouch +500  
Clothes Enhancing Fabric Pouch +100 / +500  

We Wish You A Wonderful Time!

Shot Online Team