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Summer Splash Part 2!

Date Aug 12, 2019 Views 10,765
Aug 14, 2019 00:00 ~ Aug 30, 2019 00:00


The Summer Splash! 


Dear community,
Congratulations on finishing the Water Balloon Challenge so fast! We hope you're not too exhausted from the birdie race, because summer is not over yet!
Our Summer Splash Event is back with round 2, and that means even more events and opportunities to gain boxes and items! Get ready for a hot summer 😉

Please make sure to exchange your remaining Water Drop Tickets with Bonus Rewards by 
02:00 (Server ttime), 14th August!

Here is our list of events for round 2 of Summer Splash:


  1. Swish & Swat - Mosquito Exchange Challenge (Holecount)

It's the hottest season of the year, and that means that mosquitos are all out and about. Protect NPC Hugin and NPC Munin from getting bitten by mosquitos by swishing and swatting all the mosquitos you can find!
How to participate:       Hit birdies or better to get the item "Passed-out Mosquito", collect them and exchange them for special summer-themed rewards!
                                Exchange your collected Passed-out Mosquitos for special rewards (see table below).
When to participate:      14/8/2019 – 30/8/2019

Course Mode Number of
All courses
(except CT Park Public)
All modes 20 1 Passed-out Mosquito
40 3 Passed-out Mosquitos
60 5 Passed-out Mosquitos


  Passed-out Mosquito Bring it to the NPC that hates mosquitos. Maybe you can exchange it for a nice item?
Item Description Mosquitos Required Limit
Lilo For those moments of relaxation between rounds on PGI.
Can be used as a One Point Lesson Ticket 100.
1 -
Palm Tree Cool off beneath a palm tree. Can be used as a Swing Trainer 20% (1H). 2 -
Frisbee Catch it! …if you can… 😉Can be used as a Ball Marker AA 5. 2 -
Cocktail (Non-Alcoholic) Enjoy a refreshing blend of delicious fruits (includes this little paper umbrella). Can be used as an Ambrosia 45%. 2 -
Inflatable Rubber Duck Quack! Must-have item for your day on the beach. Can be used as an Odin II Wristband G [15%/15%]. 1 -
Item Description Items Required Limit
EXP 3% Box Receive a 3% EXP Buff by opening this box!
  • P. Density 100
  • Swing Trainer K-1 [20%]
  • Ball Marker AA 5
  • Ambrosia 45% 5
  • Odin II Wristband G 15%/15% 5
Once per account
Moist Sunscreen Use it to prevent sunburn! Can be used as a Mageia Plus N7 50. 8 Once per account
Dry Beach Towel Dry yourself off on the beach! Can be used as a Theurgia P70 50, and with a Mageia, equipped on the 2nd slot. 8 Once per account
Parasol Stay away from the strong sunlight under the parasol! Can be used as an Ambrosia 50% 50. 10 Once per account
Ripe Watermelon Who else wants a piece of watermelon? Can be used as a Diamond Tee 10. 8 Once per account
Water Gun Don't forget to bring this to win the water fights. Can be used as a Swing Trainer K-2 [35%]. 8 Once per account
P. Density Ticket (500) Your favorite P. Density Ticket (500). 4 Once per account

⚠ All items are non-tradable. ⚠


⚠ All items are non-tradable. ⚠
⚠ Please note that the EXP 3% Box is character-bound. ⚠
⚠ Please make sure to exchange your items for rewards by 23:59 on 3/9/2019 . ⚠

  1. SHOT SUMMER Alphabet Hunt (Mission Event)

We hope this summer hasn't fried your brain cells, because you'll need them for this special "Spelling Bee" competition! 😊
How to participate:       Earn Alphabet Boxes through mission events, collect all letters necessary to form the words SHOT SUMMER, and exchange the completed set for boxes.
                                You can create the following boxes: SHOT Box, SUMMER Box, and SHOT SUMMER BOX through the item recipe system.
You can find all the details and rules on our official Alphabet Hunt Event page.
When to participate:      14/8/2019 – 30/8/2019

Box Can contain Limit
SHOT Box One Point Lesson Ticket 100
Theurgia P55 18
10 per account
SUMMER Box Mageia N6 18
Ambrosia 40% 10
Brooch [20%/20%] 18
4 per account
SHOT SUMMER Box Mageia N7 18
Theurgia P70 18
Brooch [30%/30%] 18
Summer Beach Costume +EXP 25, Summer Beach Costume +NG 25 or Summer Beach Costume +UV 25
Swing Trainer K-2 [35%]
2 per account

⚠ Please make sure to exchange your items for rewards by 23:59 on 3/9/2019 . ⚠

 IMPORTANT! The missions are only active with 2 or more players in the game room!


  1. Bonus Event: Daily Rewards

As a little bonus and to keep your energy high, we prepared a few pick-me-ups for the next few weeks!
How to participate:       Log in to the game every day and pick up your random daily reward at NPC Potter/your virtual locker.
When to participate:   13/8/2019 – 30/8/2019
It doesn't get easier than this!


Possible Daily Rewards:
One Point Lesson Ticket 100
Mulligan Card 5
Cyma S
All-Jewel Pouch +10
Normal-Rune Pouch +50
Advanced +5 Rune Pouch





We wish you the best of luck and hope you have plenty of fun with our summer event!

Your Shot Online team.