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Here are some solutions to the lastest frequently asked questions!

  • Vista Troubleshooting

    Vista patch is implemented into our latest install clients. You can download the clients from our mirror websites or our direct download link. (

    Currently Shot Online only supports Vista Home basic and premium. Our technicians are still working on Vista Business and Vista Ultimate.

    If you get any HackShield error messages because of Vista, please take a screen shot of the error message and send it to along with your user id and Vista version.

  • The guild system guide

    Guild System

    The significance of a Shot-Online Guild system is that you can raise your own guild, just like an individual character.

    There is a total of guild points that is contributed by each guild members' experience points. 10% of each guild members' experience points will be donated to the guild points automatically. Note: You do not lose 10% of your points when you are in a guild.
    Depending on how many guild points, the class of a guild will rise. The higher the guild class, the more privileges guild members have available, such as guild chatting, guild announcements, etc...
    There are 8 different guild classes: G, F, E, D, C, B, A, S.

    [Capability/Class Benefits]

    Guild Functions
    G.1) Creating a guild
    *Any player over level 30 [Amateur title] is eligible to create a guild. Players inside a guild can not apply to join another one;
    *To create a guild, NG is required according to the guild master's title:
    [Amateur Title] - 3,000,000 NG
    [Semi-Pro Title] - 2,000,000 NG
    [Tour-Pro Title] - 1,000,000 NG
    *There are 2 types of guilds: public and private. Any player can apply to a public guild in NPC Anthony Bestra, as opposed to a private guild (the only way to join a private guild is when the guild master scouts a member.)

    G.2) Scouting & Recruitment
    *The Guild Master should be very active to recruit and scout new guild members in the square, field or on the internet / off the internet;
    *The [Scout] Menu will appear when you right click at the character that you would like to ask for scouting;
    *The guild master can approve one application by opening up the [Management Menu] tab in [Guild(Alt+V)] window.

    G.3) Joining a guild
    *You don't have to pay NG to join a guild;
    *You may only join one guild in one account on one server. For example, if your character already joined one guild in Vahallar server, you are not able to join in the same guild with the same character or another guild with another character inside the same account;
    *You may apply up to 5 guilds at one time;
    *How to join: Click on [Anthony Bestra] Principal NPC in the square and click on the Guild Registration menu. Insert the name of the guild and click Search. (Please double check the guild name before you type it in). If there is a guild matching your entry, the guild information window will be shown. In the guild information window, you need to click on "Apply" to be registered. However, you are not able to join the guild if it already is full. Private guilds won't appear in the search results. To join a private guild, the guild master must scout you.

    G.4) Leaving the Guild
    *You can leave a guild whenever you wish to but there is 3 waiting days period to re-register or create a new guild again;
    *A guild member may leave the guild freely as opposed to being expelled by the guild master.

    G.5) Terminating the Guild
    *Only the guild master can terminate a guild;
    *Once the guild master terminates the guild, he/she is not able to restore it. After dissolving a guild, there is a 7 waiting days period for the ex-guild master to join or create a new guild;
    *There will not be a 3 waiting days period to re-register or create a new guild for ex-guild members (you may join or create a new guild as soon as original one has been dissolved.)

    F.1) Removing a guild member
    *The guild needs to be at least in class F before the guild master can remove a member;
    *The guild master can remove a member by choosing [Guild(Alt+V)] window, and using the [Manage menu].

    F.2) Member Login indicator
    *From [F] class and above, every member can see the other guild members' online status in game by bringing up the [Guild(Alt+V)] window, clicking on [Players List] and selecting [On].

    F.3) Guild Name
    *The name of the guild and the guild mark (default image) will appear on the screen in the square, field, waiting list and score card for members of an [F] or higher class guild.

    F.4) Guild chatting
    *Members of an [F] class or higher guild can chat with each other regardless where they are (square, field, waiting list, etc) by selecting "GUILD" in the chatting interface;
    *Guild chat messages do not cross channels; only players inside the same channel can read the guild chat.

    E.1) Guild Announcement
    *The guild master of an [E] class or higher guild can send a message to every member.
    Ex) /GUILD_ANN message content
    *Guild announcements will be sent by server unit. You will not be able to read an announcement if you are logged in another server.

    E.2) Giving guild members a title
    *The guild master of an [E] class or higher guild can give associate-guild master, regular member or associate member status to guild members.

  • Cannot start the game

    If you are experiencing difficulty with getting Shot Online to run on your PC, either receiving error messages or other anomalies, please try the following before you write a technical support inquiry:

    Update all of your drivers
    For this you will need to know the following information:
    -Video Card make and model
    -Motherboard make and model
    -Network adapter make and model
    -Sound card / audio device make and model

    Some of the most popular makers for video cards can be found here:

    Attempt a re-install of the Shot Online Client
    Simply use the built in "Add or Remove programs" feature of windows.

    Click Start then highlight "Settings". Then in the sub menu click "Control Panel". Once the control panel is open, click "Classic View" on the left (Windows XP only) and then double click "Add or remove programs". In the add or remove programs window, search down the list for "Shot Online International" and remove it.
    Next, Install Shot Online again as normal. You will find various download links in the Downloads section of this website.
    If the above fails then please try to download the client once again.

    Make sure your Direct X is up to date!

    We look forward to seeing you in the game!

  • Recovering Account Information

    If you have forgotten your account information you will be asked for several pieces of information that you used to sign up for your account. Remember that when you created your account you agreed to provide accurate information and that you would update it whenever the information changes. The following information will be required to provide you with specific information on your account:

    -First Name
    -Last name
    -Zip code
    -E-mail address
    -Phone number
    -Date of Birth
    -Account ID
    -Character(s) on the account, their level(s) and handicap(s)

    Once this information is provided and if it is accurate to your sign up information, we will provide detailed support on your account problem. However, if any of the information is incorrect we will not provide support and we will assume that the account is not owned by the poster.

    All posts must be made via the direct Q&;A. If you can``t log in to the account you wish to recover information from, please create a new temporary account to message from and include in your message the original account name. Information can be altered after we confirm your account ownership.

    Bear in mind that false claims will not be tolerated. Asking for information for an account which is not yours will be followed by a permanent account ban on all accounts associated with your domain/IP.

    If your account was suspended for too many failed attempts passwords, please follow the directions for password retrieval that can be found by clicking here

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