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Word from the Developers

Date Dec 20, 2019 Views 2,173

Hello Shot Online Community!

As 2019 nears its end, our Developers share their plans for next year!

Dear Shot Online Community,
 We now have only a few weeks left until 2019 to be closed and another year of Shot Online is to begin. But before we can look towards the future, we would like to close out 2019 with our story.
 First, we would like to talk about the changes that we’ve gone through. We have announced at the beginning of this year that we have set the main goal for 2019 as stabilization of the game. We are aware that we’ve not reached our final goal and even led you to experience problems that took a longer fix than usual.
 The main reason we put into account is the change in manpower. Of course, we have hired new employees but as you know, Shot Online has a very long history through which we can tell it has complicated structures. This led new developers to take more time to adjust and learn about existing structures.
 The second reason is the consumption of a huge amount of human resources on back-end work. Most of the equipment that we used to use is old and is not meeting the condition for us to update new content. Therefore, we had no choice but to upgrade them.
 Lastly, we were trapped in the vicious cycle of development which we were aware of but couldn’t escape. All the factors mentioned affected not only the new contents but also contents that were in the middle of development. New developers suddenly had to take over in the middle of it, which made it hard for them to keep the promising date. The launching date of new content got delayed and had not enough time to test before it got open to the public.
 However, now we are prepared with passion to break this cycle and bring Shot Online into normal status.
 Through this letter, we would like to confidently say that upcoming 2020 will be different from 2019.
 For 2020, we will secure a certain period on stabilizing the server and then proceed with developing the new content.
 Guild League Full Season (Regular -> Post)
 The Guild League Regular Season will be renewed based on the test season feedbacks. Along with the renewed Guild League Regular Season, we will be officially releasing the Guild League Post Season.
 SOWC Re-open/ Remaining bug fixes
 Within the first half of the year, we are planning to fix as many remaining bugs as possible. This will include fixing and re-opening the SOWC.
 Golf Club System (tentative title)/Mass player mode
 The main new contents that are being actively discussed for 2020 are the Golf Club System and Mass player mode.
 The Golf Club System is a big content update that will extend your gameplay upon your highest-level main character. Various contents within the Golf Club System will be released in parts throughout 2020.
 The Mass player mode for 10 players and above is also a completely new type of game mode that will be introduced.
 Other than the mentioned contents, below contents are considered:
 1. Additional Miniature Mode courses
 2. Miniature Mode exclusive items
 3. New courses
 4. New clubs with new physics
 5. Item Recipe System design renewal
 6. Additional stat pages to save stat points for specific conditions
 7. Additional Scenario quests, and more.
 However, there are chances where plans may be changed due to unexpected circumstances, or due to the developers’ stances. More details will be announced to you through future patch notes.
 What are the dev's plans for SOWT?
 After the test server, we have discussed plans for SOWT based on your feedback. We have decided that it needs far more development until it can be introduced again to you.
 In 2019, the initial development of SOWT pushed the Shot Online contents and stabilization out of top priority. We've realized that this is not the right direction for Shot Online. Also, it could have led you to think Shot Online is not being cared enough.
 Therefore, we planned to put this aside for now and prioritize Shot Online in 2020. Of course, we will share with you if we come up with any further development plans.
 Lastly, we would like to thank you for being part of Shot Online throughout 2019.
 We will try our best to make Shot Online a better game for 2020.
 Your Shot Online Team.

We hope you will find this informative.

Keep Golfing!
Your Shot Online Team