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Olympic Quest Issue *** UPDATED ***

Date Jul 26, 2012 Views 5,817
Hello everyone,

We started the Hello London Olympic Quest after the maintenance on 7/24/12.

Unfortunately, we've found a minor issue with the quest.

The problem is that players were asked to collect 3 Golden Medals to complete the quest and earn the reward, 'Laurel Wreath'.
However, the game currently requires you to have 5 Golden Medals, not 3.

We will be contacting the development team about this issue today, 7/26/12 and get this issue addressed as soon as possible.

The quest originally required 5 Golden Medals to complete but we lowered the required number of Golden Medals to make the quest easier for our players. We didn't think the quest would bug out when we made the change and we are very sorry for another event malfunction. 

We WILL get this issue addressed today, so please hold onto your Golden Medals and you will be able to finish the quest later today by just having 3 of them.

We appreciate your kind understanding and we will make another announcement post once this issue has been addressed.
Thank you for your patience.

The Olympic quest is now fixed!!
You will be able to complete the quest by collecting 3 Golden Medals as we announced.

If you have any other issues regarding the Olympic quest, please contact us via DQ&A board.

Thank you.

Shot Online Team