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Mageia Warranty / Success Tickets!

Date Jun 27, 2012 Views 4,769

Hello everyone,

After the maintenance tonight on 6/26/12, the price of  Mageia Warranty and Succses Tickets on the web-item-mall will be reduced significantly.

Also, Mageia Success & Warranty Ticket N2.5 and N3.0 will ALSO be available through the web Item-Mall.

We knew that the price of these tickets were too pricey for their quality/useage and with this change, we hope that more players will buy and use them to combine more Mageias!

*NOTE* These tickets will ONLY be available through the WEB ITEM-MALL.

Below is the price-comparison table for the Warranty & Success tickets!

Item Name Current Price Price after the Maintenance on 6/26/12
Success Ticket N1.5 220 CC 30 CC
Warranty Ticket N1.5 240 CC 40 CC
Success Ticket N2.0 440 CC 39 CC
Warranty Ticket N2.0  480 CC 50 CC
Success Ticket N2.5 N/A 50 CC
Warranty Ticket N2.5 N/A 90 CC
Success Ticket N3.0 N/A 60 CC
Warranty Ticket N3.0 N/A 100 CC

On top of the reduced price and the availability of new tickets, you will now be able to combine the Mageia N3.0 by talking to


NPC Clelic!

Get the renewed tickets and use them to combine the Mageias!

Please enjoy! = ] 


Shot Online Team