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St. Paddy's Fest!

Date Mar 13, 2017 Views 6,278
Mar 13, 2017 00:00 ~ Mar 21, 2017 23:59



Dear WEBZEN member... 

…lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!


No, we didn't curse your account! On the contrary, Paddy, WEBZEN Magician Manager, wants to bless all of us with an incredibly powerful spell!

Paddy wants to take over the festive spirit, after Cupid went on a frenzy here in the WEBZEN office last month!


His buff will last for 7 days, from the 14th to the 21st of March, and will make everyone say "the magic sentence" when they bump into somebody…



"Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit... Err, I mean... party?"


"Would you lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit with me?"


or the very popular…


"...Why is it lagging now that I got to the final boss?? Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit #$%@!!"


Looks like our "good friend" Paddy made Cupid's bow disappear and is selling it to fill his pot o' gold! Please, report him to the GMs or… well, join him! He's feeling generous and wants to share his earnings with a festive lottery. Every day, one lucky winner will be selected to get their hands on the pot, grabbing a cool 5000 Wcoin or CC coins just for them! Check out the lottery event on Facebook now!



Get up to 30% bonus CC!


Missed our promotion last month? Well, this is your lucky day! Top up your account using Paysafe, Paypal or debit card, from the 14th (00:00) to the 21st of March (23:59) and get up to 30% more!




Events, events, events!


Get into the festive spirit with your favourite game by taking part in exclusive events! Log in and check them out!

First, we swapped regular lucky drop boxes on medium and hard courses for
Blessed Clover Boxes.  

On Wednesday and Friday, there will be holecount events with small Clover-related items.

The Midweek Workout EXP was boosted to
2.0x EXP, and we prepared a Caddie EXP event over weekend (to compliment our weekend offer: 3.5x Friday, 4.0x Saturday, and 4.5x Sunday Non-stop EXP!)

And lastly, we created a mission event - from Friday until Tuesday, play any course and score birdie or better on holes
7 (Lucky), 13 (Unlucky) or 18 (well... its St. Patricks!) for chance to win a reward box!

Paddy's special sales for Shot Online!

Caddie box!
Perfect for this weekend's Caddie EXP event, get contracts, clothes and other useful items!
For St Paddy's day we have discounted the box by ~12.5%!

Buy 5, Get 1 Free
1999 CC
1745 CC

Buy 1
399 CC
349 CC
Please note that "PURCHASE" links only become available when the sale starts!

Caddie box will be available from Tuesday, 14th March, until Friday 17th March. 
More can be found here.


St. Patrick's Box!

One of best boxes this year, dont mis awesome items!

Available for a limited time!
From Thursday, 16th March until Tuesday, 21at March


Buy 10, Get 3 Free
4990 CC


Buy 5, Get 1 Free
2495 CC


Buy 1
499 CC


Please note that "PURCHASE" links only become available when the sale starts!


Lucky Drop Map!
To increase your chance of geting the Blessed Clover Box, dont miss the direct sale offer! 


Map of Lucky Drop

240 CC

Sale will be available until Tuesday March 21st.


Enjoy St. Patrick's Festival!


Archer Cupid, Magician Paddy... who will be the next hero to bring chaos to the WEBZEN dungeon? We can't say for the moment, but for now: enjoy the party!

Best of LUCK!

Your WEBZEN team.


Map of Lucky Drop