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Pleta Box-V Related Events!

Date Jun 20, 2012 Views 6,281
Jun 21, 2012 00:00 ~ Jun 25, 2012 15:00
Hello Golfers!

This weekend we will have bonus Events running during the Bonus CC Event!!
The bonus events will be the Pleta Box - V Rewards Event, a Mageia Collection and Exchange Event AND EXP Ball Exchange Event! See below for all the details ;)

>> Pleta Box-V Rewards Event Details <<

How it works:

Each player account will be tracked and each Pleta Box-V item that is opened by any player on the account will be tallied for each server. This event only applies to and tracks stats for the new item, other box versions are not being counted toward your total. However, it does not matter where you gained the box from so regardless of whether they're bought from the Item Mall, the Auction House, or from another player directly, they will still count toward your total if they are opened on your account. 

21 ~ 30 Boxes open: Mageia Plus N4 250 (tradable)
31 ~ 40 Boxes open: Mageia Plus N4.5 250 (tradable)
over 41 Boxes open: Mageia Plus N5 250, Mageia Plus N4 250 (tradable)

The prizes DO NOT ACCUMULATE, so you will only gain the prize for the category you are in. For example, if you open 38 boxes on your account you will gain one Mageia Plus N4.5 250, but not the Mageia Plus N4 250. If you open 45 boxes you would get the Mageia Plus N520 and Mageia Plus N4 250, but not the prizes from opening 21~40 boxes.

TOP 10 Box openers win: Mageia Plus N5.5 250 x2
*NOTICE: The event's winners will NOT be divided by server, 10 total winners for top prize

***SPECIAL EDITION EVENT: For this event, we're also giving away special items if players open more than 270 boxes!***

IF YOU OPEN MORE THAN 270 BOXES: Gaia G 60R Putter and Clymene Gem 2000 in ADDITION to the other prizes you would win

Example: Player A opens 272 boxes and is first in the Top 10 openers. That player would win the following:

Gaia G 60R Putter
Clymene Gem 2000
Mageia Plus N5.5 250 x2
Mageia Plus N5 250 x1
Mageia Plus N4 250 x1

So that's it! All you need to do to win these items is open boxes :)

*NOTICE: All prizes will be distributed automatically during our next scheduled maintenance on June 26th!

>> Mageia Collection and Exchange Event Details <<

Where to go?
NPC Belita

What to do?
Exchange Mageia Plus N items that are tradeable and either 150 or 250 hole (full) for higher versions:

2x Mageia Plus N4 150 = 1x Mageia Plus N4.5 150!
2x Mageia Plus N4 250 = 1x Mageia Plus N4.5 250!
2x Mageia Plus N4.5 150 = 1x Mageia Plus N5 150!
2x Mageia Plus N4.5 250 = 1x Mageia Plus N5 250!
2x Mageia Plus N5 150 = 1x Mageia Plus N5.5 150!
2x Mageia Plus N5 250 = 1x Mageia Plus N5.5 250!

>> EXP Ball Collection and Exchange Event Details <<

Where to go?
NPC Meriel

What to do?

Exchange Prometheus and Atlas balls that are tradeable and either 250 or 500 hole (full) for higher versions:
3x Prometheus Ball 4PC [20%] 250 = 1x Atlas Ball 4PC [25%]_250!
3x Prometheus Ball 4PC [20%] 
500 = 1x Atlas Ball 4PC [25%]_500!
3x Prometheus Ball 3PC [20%] 500 = 1x Atlas Ball 3PC [25%]_500!
3x Prometheus Ball 2PC [20%] 500 = 1x Atlas Ball 2PC [25%]_500

2x Atlas Ball 2PC [25%] 250 = 1x Clymene ball 2PC [30%]_250!
2x Atlas Ball 4PC [25%] 250 = 1x Clymene ball 4PC [30%]_250!
2x Atlas Ball 2PC [25%] 500 = 1x Clymene ball 2PC [30%]_500!
2x Atlas Ball 3PC [25%] 500 = 1x Clymene ball 3PC [30%]_500!

2x Atlas Ball 4PC [25%] 500 = 1x Clymene ball 4PC [30%]_500

 Events starting on 6/21/2012 at 00:00AM (00:00:00 server time) 
 Events ending on 6/25/2012 at 3:00PM (15:00:00 server time) 

Visit NPC Meriel and start exchanging those EXP balls!!

Let us know if you have any questions via the DQ&A board. Enjoy the weekend festivities :)


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