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Semi Pro Test 5/17/2014

Date May 15, 2014 Views 3,899
May 17, 2014 00:00 ~ May 17, 2014 23:59
Hello Shot-Online Community! 

This is an announcement regarding the next up and coming Semi-pro qualifying test. 

If your character name is changed before the results of the qualifying test, qualifying information is reset.
This means you failed the test. Please make sure you change your name after you get your title from the qualifying results.

Test Time Period
Saturday 5/17/2014 (00:00 server time) to 5/17/2014 (23:59 server time)

- At least level 41 
- HDCP -4 or better at Gladsheim 
- Fee 250,000 NG 

Selected Course

Cut Off Standard 
- The top 50% of the x number of players who score 68 or under 
(The qualifiers must score under 68 in order to be in the selection process. We then qualify the top 50% of the players who scored 68 or under. For instance, if 100 players got 68 or under, we'd pass 50. If there was a tie for the 50th spot, the player with the lower handicap will get the spot. Getting under 68 does not guarantee a pass.) 

Testing Method 
Click NPC Thor (located in the square) and follow the instructions to take the test. After clicking Thor,
if you wish to take the test, click on yes, you will be sent directly to the testing course. 

There will be only one opportunity to apply for the test.
Disconnection due to lag or network problems will not be an excuse to retake the test. 

There will be a Semi-pro test every two weeks,
thus if you fail the test this time around, you can apply to take another test in two weeks 
or you can >>purchase a Semi-Pro Test Retry Ticket by clicking HERE<<. You may only use 2 retry tickets for a total of 3 attempts to pass the test each test day. 

No experience points will be given during the qualifying test. 

Benefits of Becoming a Semi-Pro
Amateurs and beginners will be given 1.5x experience points when they play with Semi-pros.

Good luck to all participants. 

Shot Online Team