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Tour-Pro Test 4/30/14

Date Apr 29, 2014 Views 3,688
Apr 30, 2014 00:00 ~ Apr 30, 2014 23:59
Hello Shot Online Community, 

This is an announcement regarding the Tour-Pro qualifying test. 

If your character name is changed before the results of the qualifying test, qualifying information is reset.
This means you failed the test. Please make sure you change your name after you get your title from the qualifying results.

Tour-Pro Test: 

1. Test time 

From 4/30/2014 00:00 server time until
 4/30/2014 23:59 server time

2. Requirements

a) You must be at least a Lv 61; 
b) You must be a Semi-Pro qualified player with a HDCP of -12 or better at each Hela and Forneus course; 
c) The test fee is 1,000,000 NG (500,000 NG to play each course); 
d) You must have been a Semi-Pro for at least 30 days. 
(This is not a month, but 30 days specifically) 

3. The designated courses 

Hela & Forneus, 18 holes Stroke Play, Par *2 

4. The cut off standard 

a) Must score a minimum of -12 under par in each course, top N players under 120 strokes (sum of the two courses) will be qualified; 
b) The top 20% of the qualified applicants will be selected; 
c) In the event of a tie, all parties with the same score will pass. 

5. Selection Size 

a) The maximum number of participants that will pass is 200 per Tour-Pro test  

6. The Test schedule 

a) The Tour Pro Test is scheduled on the last Wednesday of every month [Designated time is between 00:00 ~ 23:59. And during this period, both scorecards (Hela & Forneus) must be submitted];  

7. Benefits of becoming a Tour Pro 

a) All the same benefits as a Semi-Pro; 
b) Semi Pro Players will be given 1.2x experience points when they play with a Tour Pro Player; 
c) Tour Pro exclusive pants will be given upon status upgrade (Power +1, Stamina +1); 
1 Fedora A100 Plus(Non_tradable) and 5,000,000 NG will be rewarded; 

8. Instruction to take the test 

a) Select NPC Thor in the square. Follow the instructions given to you by him and start the Tour Pro Qualifying Test. After finishing the first designated course, Hela, you will be escorted back to the square. From here you may start the second part of the test at Forneus by selecting NPC Thor once again; 
b) Please note that Shot-Online will not compensate for the loss of green fees or score cards even if you are forced to exit the game due to latency issues or client crashes; 
c) You can re-apply for the Tour Pro Test on the last Wednesday of the month; 
d) The result will be announced after the test is over. 

*Note: No experience points will be given during the qualifying test. 

*Note that any in-game latency issues or improper or sudden shutdowns of the client will not be compensated under any circumstances. 

If you pass the test, you will receive your 5,000,000 NG, Tour-Pro pants and 1 Fedora A100 Plus(Non-tradable) when we change the title for you

Good luck!

Shot Online Team