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Tournament Season 2021!- Round 2!

Date Jul 23, 2021 Views 2,212
Jul 23, 2021 12:00 ~ Jul 30, 2021 11:00


Hello again!

2021 Season

Round two!

And this one will use the same feature as the last tournament - Each hole have a preset weather - for example hole 1 will be sunny for everyone, while hole 2 will be cloudy.

We believe this will lead to fairer tournament where skill mateters more than luck!

Here are the rules:

1) Only ONE (1) character per IP address allowed*
2) Course: Rufus
3) Number of attempts: 10 
4) Cards: Players can submit up to 4 cards.  Minimum of three cards needs to be submitted
4) Score:  Three best scores will be counted. Lowest total (sum of best 3 results) will be deciding factor. First Tie break will be level (lower level first), secondary tie break will be submission time of last card.
5) Mode: Stroke
6) Minimal level: 120
7) Time limit: 45 seconds
8) Entry Fee: 100,000.

People who play from the same IP please Follow the rules - Submit a DQA and we will ask you for detail of your shared connection (as explained in the *marked section below). Please use "Torunament - Registration " in the DQA title (if you already registered this year, you dont need to do it for each tournament!)

Now the interesting part: Prizes!

Winner of each of the tournament will win a unique Item. Second and third place will receive Eunomia Gem 1000.  Top 3 players will recieve also 500 CC.The rest of the reward will be small and large Tournament Boxes

There will be 3 brackets and a TOP 20 list.
Level requirement for brackets will be announced AFTER the tournament is over (based on participation)

TOP 20

1st place:  Championship Hat + 15 Large Tournament Boxes + 15 Small Tournament Boxes +500CC
2nd PlaceEunomia Gem 1000 +14 Large Tournament Boxes + 15 Small Tournament Boxes +500CC
3rd Place: Eunomia Gem 1000 +12 Large Tournament Boxes + 15 Small Tournament Boxes +500 CC
Places 4-10: 11 Large Tournament Boxes +15 Small Tournament Boxes
Places 10-20:10 Large Tournament Boxes + 11 Small Tournament Boxes

Bracket 1 (high level)
1st place: 10 Large Tournament Boxes + 10 Small Tournament Boxes
2nd Place: 9 Large Tournament Boxes + 9 Small Tournament Boxes
3rd Place: 8 Large Tournament Boxes + 8 Small Tournament Boxes
Places 4-6: 7 Large Tournament Boxes + 8 Small Tournament Boxes
Places 7-10: 5 Large Tournament Boxes + 5 Small Tournament Boxes
Places 10-20: 3 Large Tournament Boxes + 3 Small Tournament Boxes

Bracket 2 (low level)
1st place: 9 Large Tournament Boxes + 9 Small Tournament Boxes
2nd Place:8 Large Tournament Boxes + 8 Small Tournament Boxes
3rd Place: 6 Large Tournament Boxes + 6 Small Tournament Boxes
Places 4-65 Large Tournament Boxes + 5 Small Tournament Boxes
Places 7-10: 4
 Large Tournament Boxes + 4 Small Tournament Boxes
Places 10-20: 2 Large Tournament Boxes + 2 Small Tournament Boxes

The boxes are updated with better items compared to last years!

Results will be published within 7 days from the end of tournament. Prizes will be awarded with 7 working days from publication of results (CC may take up to 21 days). In case of tie (same score), lower level player will be winner, earliest submission time of last card will be used as 2nd level tie break

*Special allowance can be made for members of same household who prove their identity. Please submit DQA before tournament ends, and inform us about your circumstance.  Appeals made after tournament ended will not be taken into account. Thank you for your understanding. Last year registrations will remain valid. Please remember to register if you are not on the list!


All players who show for their games will get reward!

1 10.000 CC 10 Large + 10 Small Tournament Boxes
2 7.000 CC 8 Large + 8 Small Tournaments Boxes
3 5.000 CC 7 Large + 7 Small Tournament Boxes
4 4.000 CC 6 Large + 6 Small Tournament Boxes
5 - 8 2.500 CC 5 Large + 5 Small Tournament Boxes
9-16 1.500 CC 4 Large + 4 Small Tournament Boxes
17-32 1.000 CC 3 Large + 3 Small Tournament Boxes

We wish you all good luck, and good weather!

Shot Online Team

We Wish You A Wonderful Time!


Shot Online Team