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[INFO] SOLite Coming soon!

Date Nov 22, 2022 Views 1,720

Dear SOmmunity,

We are really excited to share this news with you today!
Shot Online will release its own mobile app: Shot Online Lite

With Shot Online Lite, you can play golf minigames on your mobile devices whenever and wherever.
This way you will never miss the fun of Shot Online when you are on a trip, commuting or just want a lazy day on the couch.

The official launch will be on December 1st 2022, but you can already pre-download the application starting from November 23rd and try it out in the guestmode! (Please note that all play data played in guestmode will NOT be saved.)
(Guides for Shot Online Lite will be released on the official launch date.)

Shot Online Lite is not only great fun, but it can also give you several benefits for your Shot Online PC-Account. Starting from the official release on December 1st, you will be able to link Shot Online Lite with your Shot Online PC-Account and participate in the event that starts on the release day.

During the event you can receive up to 700% EXP for your Shot Online PC-Account (not in the guestmode available).

We will also have Pre-download survey event. You can receive reward after completing the survey. Users must play the game in Guest mode in order to receive the reward. Note that there will be checks if the survey has been abused. 

Go to the Google Play or App Store now and pre-download Shot Online Lite, so you will not miss out on the fun!

Your Shot Online-Team