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Golf Club - Phase II Update!

Date Nov 25, 2020 Views 946

Dear Shot Online Community

Through November Maintenance, we have opened several new contents for you to enjoy! Please refer below for details:

Shot on League – History Tab

We have added an extra History Tab for you to look at past Shot on League results. The History Tab will show up to past 8 season records of Shot on League.
If you are not part of a guild, you will not be able to see details

  • History Tab Image
  • You can check your score by clicking on the graph for each season
  • The Ranking below shows the top 5 guilds for each season.
  • Any changes to the guild that occurred in the middle of the season will not be updated (ex. Changes to guild master, guild rank, leaving a guild etc)
 Golf Club – 2nd Update

You can now send your golf club members to business trips, and check member value and fame.
  • Golf Club Sign
Your Golf Club name will now appear within your personal record window.
Press the P key on your keyboard to display your Golf Club name in your personal records.
Your Golf Club name will also appear above your character.
If you are already in use of an achievement title set through the hotkey “U”, your Golf Club name and achievement title will appear in turns.

  • Golf Club Main Tab Change
Before the main tab only displayed the Training success rate and Acquaintance points. However, as the Club Fame and Member Value function is added through update.

  • Member Value
Member Value is calculated based on the Character’s level + Equipped clothes and Clubs + Other records such as rounding scores, EXP etc.
Member Value that is increased through rounding scores will be soft reset every Monday 3:30 AM. This will not be an entire reset, but a certain value will be maintained based on the character’s rounding frequency and EXP earned.

  • Club Fame
Club Fame points are calculated based on character’s member value + Club Level points.
If a character within the club is under deletion, then the member value for that character will be excluded from the Club Fame.
This Week’s Club Fame is calculated based on the sum of Member Value and Club Level
Accumulated Club Fame is renewed every Monday 3:30 AM by adding This Week’s Club Fame points to the Accumulated Club Fame.
Ex) If the Accumulated Club Fame was 10,000 and This Week’s Club Fame was 5000, then the Accumulate Club Fame will become 15,000 next Monday 3:30AM.

  • Accumulated Club Fame Ranking
You can check your Club Fame Rank displayed in the window below.
You can earn bonus EXP during rounding based on your Accumulated Club Fame Ranking

  • Bonus EXP Amount based on Accumulated Club Fame Ranking
Rank Bonus EXP
1st ~ 10th +30%
11th ~ 30th +20%
31st ~ 50th +15%
51st ~ 100th +10%

The Bonus EXP will apply after the Accumulated Club Fame is renewed every Monday 3:30AM and will last until the next renewal on Monday 3:30AM.
The Bonus EXP is account based.

  • Business Trip
You can now send your characters to Business Trips. The characters will compete depending on their value, and will receive rewards based on ranking.
Business Trips will open only for a certain period. After the period is over, the rewards will be sent and the Business Trip will be closed.

  • Business Trip Period
Course Renewal Mon 12:00 ~ Fri 21:59
Member Placement Open Fri 22:00 ~ Sat 21:59
Placement Period Deadline Sat 22:00 ~ Sun 11:59
Result Opening Sun 12:00 ~ Mon 11:59
  • Business Trip Fee
1stBusiness Trip Placement Fee After 1st Placement
4,000,000 NG 6,000,000 NG
10 Training Tokens 15 Training Tokens

After the 1st Business Trip Placement, for every additional placement afterwards the fee will rise.
The Fee is not determined by the course, but it is fixed per character.

  • Business Trip Tab Image
If it is not the Business Trip period
If it is the Business Trip Period
The member placement period will be displayed on the top.
The Business Trip courses will be 5 random Hard Courses.

  • How to check Business Trip Rewards
You can check the rewards by clicking on the “reward” button next to the course selection window.
The rewards window will appear by hovering your mouse over.

  • How to send Business Trips
  • You can check the courses for Business Trip between Course Renewal Period until Member Placement Open Period. Make sure to raise your member value beforehand through rounding!
  • During the Member Placement Open Period, place your members accordingly to achieve a higher rank.
If you did not place any members during the Member Placement period, then you cannot compete in the Business Trip for that week.
You can place 1 member per course.

  1. You will consume the placement fee and Training Tokens by placing the members for Business Trips.
If you wish to cancel the placement, you can do so by clicking on the course that the member is placed, or clicking on the member you wish to cancel.
Replacing a member for a course will result in a higher fee and more Training tokens.

  1. After placing the members, wait until the Result Opening Period.
  2. After the Business Trip Period is over, you can check your reward through the character window within the Business Trip tab.
You can check the reward by hovering your mouse over the reward icon.
The rewards can be received by one character of the same account.

  • Business Trip Rewards
Rank Reward Amount
1st Place [Business Trip] Course 1st Place Reward 25
Top 20% [Business Trip] Course 20% Reward 13
Top 50% [Business Trip] Course 50% Reward 9
Below 51% [Business Trip] Course 51% Reward 7
  • Rewards per Course
Course Reward Type
Hidden Forest Cyma Piece
Rufus Arena Goeteia Piece
Abel Plena Gem Piece
Cadeiger Mageia Piece
Gleiger Material Piece
Pearl Green Island Theurgia Piece
CT Park Royal Wristband Piece
Bianca Fjord Tee Piece
Saint Bay Map Piece
Bear Lake Clothes/Club Reinforcement Ticket Piece
Dino Park Brooch Piece
Sunset Bay Ball Marker Piece

The “Piece” rewards for each course will be distributed to your Jewel inventory.

  • Crafting Pouches with Pieces
Item Material
Cyma Piece Pouch +5 5 Cyma Pieces
Goeteia Piece Pouch +5 5 Goeteia Pieces
Gem Piece Pouch +5 5 Gem Pieces
Mageia Piece Pouch +5 5 Mageia Pieces
Material Piece Pouch +5 5 Material Pieces
Theurgia Piece Pouch +5 5 Theurgia Pieces
Wristband Piece Pouch +5 5 Wristband Pieces
Tee Piece Pouch +5 5 Tee Pieces
Map Piece Pouch +5 5 Map Pieces
Clothes/Club Reinforcement Ticket Piece Pouch +5 5 Clothes/Club Reinforcement Ticket Pieces
Brooch Piece Pouch +5 5 Brooch Pieces
Ball Marker Piece Pouch +5 5 Ball Marker Pieces

You can craft using the pieces through the “Special Ingredients” tab within the Item Recipe System.
All items crafted through the Item Recipe System are “non-tradeable”.

  • Crafting Items with Pieces
Item Material
Cyma 50 3 Cyma Pieces
Goeteia Plus 7.0 [NG2.0] 250 150 Goeteia Pieces
Menoetios Gem 2000 30 Gem Pieces
Iapetos Gem 2000 200 Gem Pieces
Mageia Plus N7 250 150 Mageia Pieces
Normal Rune Pouch +5 2 Material Pieces
Advanced Rune Pouch +5 25 Material Pieces
Hard Course Artifact Pouch 125 Material Pieces
Hardest Course Artifact Pouch 220 Material Pieces
Theurgia P70 250 150 Theurgia Pieces
UV Odin III Wristband G2 [20%/20%] 25 Wristband Pieces
Diamond Tee 30 Tee Pieces
[Sealed] Birdie Map for All Courses 30 Map Pieces
G1 Club Reinforcement Ticket 30 Clothes/Club Reinforcement Ticket Pieces
G2 Club Reinforcement Ticket 140 Clothes/Club Reinforcement Ticket Pieces
Legend Craft Hammer 200 Clothes/Club Reinforcement Ticket Pieces
Promotion Cloth 380 Clothes/Club Reinforcement Ticket Pieces
Brooch [30%/30%] 50 Brooch Pieces
Smart Ball Marker AA 40 Ball Marker Pieces

All items crafted through the Item Recipe System are “non-tradeable”.
We hope you enjoy the new Golf Club Contents!