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New clubs with new effects!

Date Aug 26, 2020 Views 2,414

Dear Shot Online Community

1. New Club Function – Fine Indicator

>Fine Indicator Details

- Unlike the original indicator provided, the Fine Indicator function gives the calculated location based on the [Wind] [Temperature] [Weather] of the hole.
- The location displayed only shows the first bound location of the ball after the shot.

>How to use the Fine Indicator
After checking the original indicator through pressing the [TAB] key, press [TAB] once again to activate the Fine Indicator.
- Original Indicator

- Fine Indicator

* Shows location based on calculating the[Wind] [Temperature] [Weather]of the hole

* If the original indicator shows a location that is OB or not able to perform a shot, then the Fine Indicator may display an inaccurate location. In this case, please change clubs and re-check the location through the Fine Indicator.

1) The Fine Indicator function is not available for any competitive contents, which means it is unavailable for SOGA / WRT / Baxter Tournament / Shot on League / Personal Matches / Mini Game (not miniature mode).
2) The image provided is an example image of the function. Actual graphics may differ in game.
3) The “Fine Indicator” function is only available for Jormungand Clubs that have been crafted as Legend clubs.
4) We will provide 7 day trial versions of the Jormungand club set through Giveaway events from NPCs for you to try and test the new features.
Details regarding the Giveaway event will be announced soon through a separate announcement.
2. New Club Effect – Perfect Shot

>Perfect Shot Details

- For those who think “Nice Shot” is not enough to express the amazing shot they performed, we have included the “Perfect Shot” effect for better feeling of accomplishment!
>Image when Perfect Shot is performed


3. Club Trial Giveaway

From August 28th Until September 4th you will be able to get a Trial Version of the  Jormungand  Set
In conjunction with the giveaway, we will be opening a forum thread for the feedback regarding the new clubs and their features

We hope you enjoy the new features.
Keep Golfing!

Your Shot Online Team