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Halloween Event

Date Oct 17, 2022 Views 6,110
Oct 18, 2022 00:00 ~ Nov 11, 2022 23:52

 Dear Community,

Haunted night has arrived this year again!
Get ready for spooky events and terrifying rewards.

Do not miss out Halloween Roulette event that will come out after October maintenance!

Item Recipe System
From 18.10 to 11.11 (23h59)

To exchange Pumpkin Jam, use the Recipe Event system. The ingredients can be collected in the Daily Login Event, Minigame and boxes from Halloween missions and Drop Boxes. 

Pumpkin Box contains: 1x Golden bat + 1x Red Blood Card + 1x Halloween Brooch 25%/25% + Green Scythe K2 [25%] + Pumpkin Leo Ball 2PC 50% 

Daily Login Event
From 18.10 to 11.11 (23h59)

Login daily to receive one of the following items at a certain chance 
ITEM Description
Halloween Box (Contains Halloween Jam)
Ghost Brooch [30%30%] 18
Witch Cauldron 50% 10
One Point Lesson Ticket
Bat Wings 10
Co Player Energy 20%



Halloween Putting Minigame
From 18.10 to 11.11 (23h59)

Get your ticket from NPC Anthony and enjoy minigame to get rewards!

Station Reward Description
Station 1    Pumpkin candy 100
Station 2 Halloween Box
Station 3 Pumpkin Cupcake AA 10
Station 4 Halloween Box
Station 5 Halloween Box
Station 6 Ampulla Toadslime 55% 5
Station 7 Halloween Box
Station 8 Halloween Box
Station 9 White Scythe k-2 [40%]
Station 10 Halloween Box


10 Flags
1% EXP Box 30d
Character Bound

20 Flags
2% EXP Box 30d
Character Bound

30 Flags
3% EXP Box 30d
Character Bound


Halloween Mission Event

Complete the missions during the event period and receive 'Lucky Halloween Coffin'

Days Course Mode Players Limit Mission
18 to 24 Oct. Gladsheim Fourneus Swift Stroke 2~4 4/account 58 or better
26 Oct. to 31 Nov. All Hard

All Normal
(except hard random & normal random)
Swift Stroke 2~4 3/account (normal)

Score 5 Eagles (hard)

Score 6 Eagles (normal)
1 to 6 Nov. Volcano
Swift Stroke 2~4 6/account Score 8 Birdies
7 to 11 Nov. Cadeiger
Swift Stroke 2~4 7/account Score 5 Birdies

Other Treats !

Halloween Drop Boxes
From 18.10 (02:00) to 11.11 (02:00)

We switched the usual course drop boxes for Halloween coffins. The harder the course, the better the rewards! We placed Halloween themed rewards in all boxes.

Halloween Costume Box Giveaway
From 26.10 (after maint.) to 11.11 (23h59)

Receive Halloween costume by visiting NPC Potter during the event period. Go dress up your self and show how spooky you are!

Trick of Treat!
October 31st

Trick or Trick the NPCs at Halloween night! You will get either trick or a treat!
Try your luck.

Have fun!
Your Shot Online team