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Easter Events!

Date Apr 13, 2022 Views 4,849
Apr 15, 2022 00:00 ~ May 03, 2022 00:00

Dear Shot Online Community!

Easter Bunny lost its eggs and paints! In this direst of emergencies we offered him some assistance: For the eggs and paints you gather, we will provide the egg hunter with rewards! 

From  Friday, April 15th until May 3rd
Its time for SHot Online Easter Events!

Egg hunt!

Some of the eggs and paints found their way to our regular drop boxes! For the duration of the easter event, there is a chance to get either white egg or egg paint from the regular box! The eggs can also be obtained through Mini-Game and Daily Login and from missions!


Station   Reward
1 White Egg
2 Blue Paint
3 White Egg
4 Red paint
5 White Egg
6 Green Paint
7 White Egg
8 Orange Paint
9 Purple Paint
10 Golden Easter Egg 

Extra rewards:

Flags   Reward


1% EXP Box
20  2% EXP Box
30  3% EXP Box

Tickets for minigame can be obtained from Anthony Bestra!

Daily login

Obtain extra eggs and paints by logging in daily during the event!


Missions are the surest way to obtain eggs! Each succesful try will give you a box that contains either a white egg or a paint!

Mission 1 Gleiger Achieve a score
of 68 or better
April 15~17 5 per account
Mission 2 Cadeigar Achieve a score
 of 67 or better
April 18~20 6 per account
Mission 3 Volcano Achieve a score
 of 64 or better
April 21~23 5 per account
Mission 4 Dino Park Achieve a score
 of 70 or better
April 24~28 6 per account
Mission 5 Rufus Arena Achieve a score
 of 67 or better
April 29 ~
 May 1st
5 per account

 As always, missions require at least 2 players in the room to activate.


On Easter Sunday and Easter Monday there will be additional chances to obtain eggs and paints!

Day Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
16.04 12 24 32
17.04 12 24 32


Reciepe events

As you gather eggs and paint, visit Deputy Easter Bunny Meriel to exchange them for the rewards

White Easter Egg One point lesson ticket 100
Yellow Paint
White Easter Egg Mageia Plus N7 50
Red Paint
White Easter Egg Theurgia P65 50
Blue Paint
White Easter Egg Ambrosia 45% 5
Green Paint
White Easter Egg Smart Ball Marker AA (non-tradeable)
Orange Paint
White Easter Egg Zodiac Plus 100
Purple Paint


Additionally, you can also exchange 6 eggs and a full set of paints for either of the special rewards:

Yellow Paint Golden rabbit box (box)
10 per
Red Paint
Blue Paint
Green Paint
Orange Paint
Purple Paint
White Easter Egg x6
Yellow Paint Golden Easter Egg (EXP 2%)
2 per account
Red Paint
Blue Paint
Green Paint
Orange Paint
Purple Paint
White Easter Egg x6

The exchange will be available for a couple of days after the event is over



And last, but not least, Potter has a proper costumes for all egg hunters!


All events, except for the holecounts, are active for the full duration of the Easter Events 

We wish you a happy easter!
Shot Online Team