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Shot Pass and Nearest Plus Events !

Date Apr 28, 2021 Views 1,377
Apr 27, 2021 19:00 ~ May 17, 2021 00:00
Dear SOmmunity,

As we have introduced the new Shot Pass and Nearest Plus Mode contents to the game, we have also prepared small events for you to experience them right away!

1. Shot Pass Event
- A trial version of the Shot Pass Access Ticket will be available to be picked up by NPC Melias once per account!
- The Trial Season for the Shot Pass will be open for 90 days starting from maintenance day in April.

2. Nearest Plus Mode Event
Event Period: April 27th after maintenance ~ May 17th 23:59
- During the event period, you will be able to craft the Approach Plus Ticket 1 in the Item Recipe System.
5x Jewels of each type
2,000,000 NG

- The Approach Plus Ticket 1 will be available under the “Event” tab within the Item Recipe System.
- The Approach Plus Ticket 1 is non-tradeable.
- You can craft unlimited amounts of tickets!
- You can also receive 1 Approach Plus Ticket 1 from NPC Anthony, once per account.

Nearest Plus Ranking Reward
1~10th Place: Conqueror's Artifact Pouch
11th ~ 20th Place: Hardest Course Artifact Pouch
21st ~ 30th Place: Hard Course Artifact Pouch

Nearest Plus Score Reward
Diamond SO Box -> One Point Lesson Ticket 500
Platinum SO Box -> One Point Lesson Ticket 300
Gold SO Box -> One Point Lesson Ticket 250
Silver SO Box -> One Point Lesson Ticket 200
Bronze SO Box -> One Point Lesson Ticket 100
Basic SO Box -> One Point Lesson Ticket 50

* The reward box icons that appears in the Nearest Plus Mode window will be released once the Nearest Plus Mode is officially opened.
* As this event is to provide a trial version of the Nearest Plus Mode, the rewards will be replaced to One Point Lesson Tickets accordingly.
* If you disconnect from the game in the middle of playing the Nearest Plus Mode, you will automatically receive the One Point Lesson Ticket 50 upon reconnecting.

We hope you enjoy the new contents!