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Special Anniversary Sale!

Date Sep 17, 2020 Views 3,057
Sep 18, 2020 03:00 ~ Sep 23, 2020 02:00


Shot Online
15 years of Online Golf!

Shot Online Turns 15!
First - a huge thank you for this wonderful milestone! 
15 years online - that is something that not many online games see, and we are proud of our community - many of you are here since day one!

This Year we have as usual special box prepared for you!

Buy 10, Get 3 Free
4990 CC


Buy 5, Get 1 Free
2495 CC

Buy 1
499 CC


Please note that "PURCHASE" links only become available when the sale starts!



Our most loyal box buyers will receive amazing loyalty rewards!

Top 20 Buyers 10 Random Buyers

#1 - Golden Birthday Bundle
- 13th Anni. MP Putter
- Full Set 11th Anni. IK Clothes
#2 - Silver Birthday Bundle
- Full Set 11th Anni. IK Clothes
#3 - Bronze Birthday Bundle
- Full Set 11th Anni. IK Clothes
#4 - #10 - Large Enhancement Bundle
- 5x Club Reinforcement Ticket Group 2
#11 - #20 - Small Enhancement Bundle
- 2x Club Reinforcement Ticket Group 2

Random Pick Among Buyers!
2x Club Reinf. Ticket Group


Box Contents

Contains one of the following items (Name / Amount*):


Anniversary Box Special!
1x 15th Anniversary Putter [Masterpiece] 
1x 15th Anniversary Putter
UV Hipster Walker -KI
UV Hipster Shirt -BKI
UV Hipster Shirt -BKI
UV Hipster Shirt -BKI
UV Hipster Glove -KI
UV Hipster Full Set
UV Breeze Sporty Black Jeans -KI
UV Breeze Sporty White Shoes -KI
UV Breeze Sporty White Jersey -BKI
UV Breeze Sporty Blue Cap -BKI
UV Breeze Sporty Black Gloves -BKI
UV Breeze Sporty Full Set


Masterpiece Nidhogg Clubs!
  Nidhogg G Driver R [Masterpiece]
Nidhogg G 3W R [masterpiece] 
Nidhogg G 5W R [masterpiece] 
Nidhogg G Iron Set R [masterpiece] 
Nidhogg G PW R [masterpiece] 
Nidhogg G AW R [masterpiece]
Nidhogg G SW R [masterpiece]
Nidhogg G Putter R [masterpiece]
FULLL Nidhogg G SET!
Masterpiece Clubs!
Hades G Driver R [masterpiece] 
Hades G 3W R [masterpiece] 
Hades G 5W R [masterpiece]
Hades G Iron Set R [masterpiece] 
Hades G PW R [masterpiece] 
Hades G AW R [masterpiece]
Hades G SW R [masterpiece] 
Hades G Putter R [masterpiece] 
Full Hades Set!


Other Items!
1x Iapetos Gem 2000/1000 (40%)
1x Eunomia Gem 2000/1000 (45%)
1x Magos E3.5 150/250
1x Epimetheus EXP Badge 10% 100
1x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 1
1x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 2
 Bundle: 1x Club reinforcement ticket - G1 + G2
5x Character Type Change Ticket - Clubs
1x Ambrosia  45%/50% 25/50 
1x Theurgia P70 100/ 150 / 250
1x Theurgia P65 100  /150 / 250
1x Mageia Plus N6.5 100 / 150 / 250
1x Goeteia Plus 6 (100 /150)
1x Mageia Plus N7 100 / 150 / 250
1x 15th anniversary Ball 55%  250 / 100
1x [Map] Birdie Map for All Courses
1x Brooch [25%/25%]/[30%/30%] 100/250
1x Grace Vela VIP Card  [50%] (3 or 7 days)
1x One Point Lesson Ticket 200 / 250 / 300
1x Platinum Tee 
1x Anniversary Dia-Tee
1x Swing Trainer P-2/I-2/K-2/S-2 [30%] or [35%]
Paper streamer K-2 [20%] / [25%] / [30%]
2x Smart Ball Marker AA (10)
1x [Map] Legend Making Hammer 
1x Iapetos Gem (50%) 1000 / 2000
1x Iapetos Gem (50%) 1000 / 2000
1x [Sealed]Legend crafting hammer
1x [Sealed]Legend effect change hamme
1x Blessed Legend Craft Hammer
1x Legend Club Fusion Ticket
1x Masterpiece Transfer Ticket (G1 or G2)
1x Reinforcement Trtansfer Ticket
1x Hammer Parts Bag
1x Reinforcement Ticket 30% Top / Bottom / Shoes / Hat / Glove
1x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 1 + Group 2
Niddhog Clubs
1x Nidhogg  G Driver R
1x Nidhogg  G 3W/5W R
Fenrir Eisen.gif 1x Nidhogg  G Iron Set R
Fenrir P-A-SW.gif 1x Nidhogg G PW/AW/SW R
Fenrir P-A-SW.gif 1x Nidhogg G Putter R
1x Hades  G Driver R 
1x Hades  3W/5W R 
1x Hades  G Iron Set R
1x Hades  G PW/AW/SW R
1x Hades G Putter R
Swing Trainer Bundle Swing trainer [30%] P-2 + I-2 + K-2
Swing Trainer Bundle II Swing trainer [35%] P-2 + I-2 + K-2
UV+2 Badge 250 + 
Topaz NG Badge 10% 250
Epimetheus EXP Badge 10% 250
20 or 25 or 30% 
Enhancement Pack
Cap Reinforcement Ticket
Top Reinforcement Ticket
Bottom Reinforcement Ticket
Gloves Reinforcement Ticket
Shoes Reinforcement Ticket

Once again, thank you all for the wanderfull 15 years!

Have fun, and keep golfing!
Shot Online Team