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Shot on League Event

Date Apr 03, 2020 Views 3,342
Apr 06, 2020 00:00 ~ May 24, 2020 23:59


Dear Shot Online Community

At last we have returned with the Shot on League –Regular Season Renewal!
Enjoy the renewed version of the League along with events that we have prepared
Event Period: Monday April 6th 2020 ~ Sunday May 24th 23:59 2020
EVENT01. Shot on League Participation Event


The more guild members participate in the League, the better rewards the guild can receive!
As the Shot on League is a Guild Tournament, participation of guild members is very important. Thus, in order to encourage as much guild members to participate in the League, we have prepared a special Participation Event!


Participation Rate Reward
30% ~ 39% 1x G.H.P 10 Coupon
40% ~49% 1x G.H.P 20 Coupon
50% and above 1x G.H.P 50 Coupon
1x G.H.P Waiting Time Reset Coupon
Reward Distribution Date

  • After the end of each week, rewards will be distributed on the following Wednesday
  • You will be able to receive the rewards every week as long as you meet the requirements, so please enjoy!

  • The rewards will be distributed only if the guild manages to meet the participation rate requirements.
  • All rewards will be sent to the Guild Master of each guild.
EVENT02. Shot on League Screenshot Event
Event Details
Participate in the League not only for your Guild’s victory, but also for some extra rewards!
During the event period, we will be opening a special event topic within the Event Forum. Add a screenshot that contains your Shot on League participation, along with your character name and guild name!

Subject Reward
All participating guilds 1x G.H.P 5 Coupon
Random draw of 4 extra guilds Elgin Marbles Plus 10
50x Guild Coins
Reward Distribution Date

  • After the end of the last week of Shot on League – Regular Season, rewards will be distributed on the following Wednesday
- All rewards will be sent to the Guild Master of each Guild.
- If one user posts several screenshots, it will still be counted as 1 participation.
- Any user who attempts to spam the forum by posting too many screenshots at once may be punished.