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Halloween Events!

Date Oct 25, 2019 Views 5,136
Oct 25, 2019 00:00 ~ Nov 13, 2019 23:59



 Dear Community,
The next few weeks will be busy with terrifying events. Get ready! Spooky bones, coffins and curved pumpkins will haunt your nights…

Meriel's Witch Recipe
From 25.10 to 15.11 (23h59)

Meriel is working hard on a new Halloween beverage… and she needs ingredients. If you help her collect enough spooky bones, she’ll reward you with a Pumpkin Box!


7 Spooky Bones

1 Halloween Box

A pumpkin Box contains: 1x Golden bat card (avatar ext 7d) + Red Blood Card + 1xRed  Scythe + Halloween Brooch [15/15] 50 + Pumpkin Leo ball 4PC.

To exchange bones, use the Recipe Event system at NPC Meriel! Now that we’ve talked about the bounty reward… let’s discover where you can collect these ingredients. The Spooky Bones are found while participating in the Daily Login Event, Minigame, Halloween Holecount, Missions and Drop Boxes. Yeah, pretty much… anywhere during Halloween events!

Daily Login Event
From 25.10 to 8.11 (23h59)

Every day, you will get one of these presents when logging in to character selection. Don't be surprised, they're non-tradable!

Spooky Bone
One Point Lesson Ticket
Halloween Swingtrainer
Coplayer 20%
Halloween Drink 40% 10


Halloween Minigame
From 25.10 to 08.11 (23h59)

The scary minigame is back! Get your five Entry Tickets a day at Ceridwen and don't worry. If you don't spend them on that day, you can still use them the next day! Collect bones, scary pumpkin balls and Green Scythes...and unleash the evil spirits upon the courses!

1x 5 Putting Tickets: NPC Ceridwen, once per day.
Minigame tries: 10 per day

Station Reward Description
Station 1 Spooky bone
Station 2 Spooky bone
Station 3 Spooky bone
Station 4 Pumpkin Ball 4PC 100
Station 5 Spooky bone
Station 6 Spooky bone
Station 7 Toad Slime 50% 10
Station 8 Spooky bone
Station 9 Spooky bone
Station 10 Green Scythe 35% 3h


10 Flags
1% EXP Box 30d
Character Bound

20 Flags
2% EXP Box 30d
Character Bound

30 Flags
3% EXP Box 30d
Character Bound

Halloween Missions
From 25.10 to 13.11 (23h59)

 Anybody here thinking scary can't be fun? It's Halloween, so we understand if walking the courses alone isn't your thing. Now, let's talk about the reward. For each mission completed, you will receive a Lucky Coffin... Come on, don't be scared... OPEN IT!

Days Course Mode Players Limit Mission
25 to 26 Oct. Gladsheim Hela Swift 2-4 4/account -15 (18-57)
27 Oct. to 1st Nov. All Hard

All Medium
Swift 2-4 3/account (medium)

Score 5 Eagles (hard)

Score 6 Eagles (medium)
2 to 5 Nov. Volcano
Swift 2-4 6/account Score 8 Birdies
6 to 13 Nov. Cadeiger
Swift 2-4 7/account Score 5 Birdies

Other Treats (no tricks!)

Halloween Drop Boxes
From 24.10 to 13.11 (13h00)
We switched the usual course drop boxes for Halloween coffins. The harder the course, the better the rewards! We placed Halloween themed rewards in all boxes, but Spooky Bones can only be found in the Lucky Coffin.

Halloween Costume Box Giveaway
From 24.10 to 5.11 (23h59)
We want everyone to wear a Halloween costume on the square... but not everyone to wear the same costume! We filled a Black Event boxe with all the Halloween costumes we ever released (including this year's version). When opening the box, you will randomly receive a Halloween Costume (100 holes). You can get the box once per account, at NPC Melias.

Halloween Web Roulette
From 23.10 to 5.11 (23h59)
Since the web maintenance ended, an Event page has been added to our website. You can spin the roulette and get terrific rewards!


Beat the SOM
Beat our SOMs and get a ZOM-bi box! Watch the chat for announcements!

Have fun!
Your Shot Online team