Shot OnlineMajor Update

Special Welcome Back events and more!

Shot Pass

Complete exclusive missions and earn extra rewards !

[Shot Pass]
The Shot Pass will let you earn extra rewards by completing the provided daily and weekly missions!
[Shot Pass – Ranks]
Earn enough points to rank up to the next Pass mission.
[Shot Pass - Missions]
How to earn points for ranking up?
Simply complete the provided daily and weekly missions!
[Shot Pass - Seasons]
Enjoy new rewards for every Season!
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Nearest Plus

An upgraded version of the Nearest Mini-game
Harder but with better rewards!

[Nearest Plus Mode]
The new Nearest Plus Mode will challenge you to hit the ball closest to the hole under more difficult conditions, compared to the Nearest Mini Game
[Nearest Plus Mode – Hole Rewards]
By successfully managing your ball to fall near the hole, you can get a corresponding reward
[Nearest Plus Mode – Point Rewards]
Along with the Hole rewards, you can accumulate points.
Stack up enough points and extra rewards will be waiting for you!
[Nearest Plus Mode – Ranking Rewards]
Compete with other players to earn the best Ranking reward you can get!
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Scenario Quests

We have finally arrived with a new set of Scenario Quests !
Is everyone excited to proceed on to the next story of Valhalla School?

Through this new update of Scenario Quests, you will be able to find out the proceeding stories of the Golfmen.
We hope these new stories, along with the quests, will be able to provide you the expected amount of the longly awaited joy and excitement.

More details regarding the quests will be provided through a separate announcement, which you can directly find out by pressing the button below!

Content Renewal

Selective Costume Box
Now you will be able to select what you want from the box composition! Pick a look you wish to wear!
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More packages on Sale!
We arrived with some more monthly packages for sale in the web item mall!
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Valhalla Shop Renewal
Valhalla shop is finally renewed! Please find upgraded items in the Valhalla shop and exchange with gold keys
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New Quest Tickets
EXP/Item/Honor point quest tickets are updated. This new quests will be only available to Gold Platinum players.
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