Shotonline Summer Splash

Event Period: 2020/07/29 02:00 ~ 2020/08/26 before maintenance


Collect Darts through in-game contents !
Submit the Darts to NPC Ceridwen !
You will be able to pop 1 Water Balloon per 1 Dart.
Reset the Water Balloon Board once balloons are popped to receive more gifts !
Bonus Rewards are waiting for you once you reset the Board 5, 10, 15 times.

How to receive Darts
  • Daily

    Receive 1 Dart per day through NPC Melias

  • Daily

    Achieve 15, 30 Birdies for 1, 2 Darts each (all courses, all modes)

  • Collaboration Event
    on Mon, Wed, Fri

    Receive 1 Dart for achieving 15000 Birdies between 00:00 to 23:00

  • Daily Mission

    Achieve a score of 65/68/70 for any Easy/Medium/Hard Courses for 1 Dart each. (Swift Stroke)

  • SOGA

    Open the Trophy for SOGA Tour to earn up to 6 Darts

  • Scavenger

    Search for the 3 NPCs that is hiding 3 Darts each! (8/1, 8/23)

  • Special Item
    Recipe System

    Craft the Darts with jewels and runes as much as you wish

Check Prize

* The Dart is non-tradeable.
* You can receive only 1 present per popped Water Balloon.
* You can only reset the Board once you pop all 20 Water Balloons.
* You can only receive the Lucky Reset rewards once per account.
* The Dart will be available for usage only during the event period.
* Once the event period ends, you will not be able to pop any more Water Balloons, so please make sure to use all of your Darts prior to the end of the event !
* All remaining Darts will be collected during August’s Maintenance.
*The Collaboration Event reward will be given through NPC Anthony on the next day from 1AM. For the event on Friday, the reward will be given on Monday.

Event Rewards
Reset Reward
Reset Time Item Tradability
5 Times Co-Player Energy 20% 1H Non-tradeable
10 Times Legend Change Ember Non-tradeable
15 Times Legend Change Hammer Non-tradeable
Water Balloon Reward
Item Tradability Item Tradability
Blessed Legend Craft Hammer Non-tradeable Legend-Clothes-Effect Ticket Non-tradeable
Club Reinforcement Ticket G2 Non-tradeable Conqueror's Artifact Pouch Non-tradeable
Platinum Tee 10 Non-tradeable Cyma 50 Non-tradeable
Hard Course Artifact Non-tradeable Hardest-Course-Artifact Pouch Non-tradeable
Theurgia P70 18 Non-tradeable Mageia Plus N7 18 Non-tradeable
Swing Trainer K-2 35% Non-tradeable Ambrosia 50% 10 Non-tradeable
Ball Marker AA 10 Non-tradeable Gold Tee 10 Non-tradeable
Brooch [30%/30%] 18 Non-tradeable Fabric-Piece Pouch +5 Non-tradeable
Hard Eyeball Non-tradeable Gothic Costume EXP, UV, NG (50) Non-tradeable
4-Type Caddy Pack (10 Holes) Non-tradeable One point lesson Ticket 200 Non-tradeable