Anniversary Birdie Race

Event Period : Aug 24th (After Maintenance) ~ September 26th 23:59

Welcome to our celebrations!
A year like no other, make it wonderful with our Anniversary Birdie Race!
From Wednesday, Aug 24th we will be monitoring the numbers of birdies (or better)
scored by our players. When certain milestones are reached,
we will unlock the associated bonus for you!

The more you play, the more you get!

Required Birdies to reach1,360,000

Current Birdies : 1,550,408

To complete all of our goals you need to achieve over 1,360,000 Birdies or better during the duration of the event!
So what you have to do? Check out above. (Please refer to the stage banners to see the requirements and rewards).
- Birdie count is updated everyday at 00:30 server time
- The rewards will manually take place on the next business day once the milestones are reached.


  1. STAGE 1
    Unlocked after reaching 170,000 Birdies+ 2x EXP Boost midweek during the event time

    STAGE 1

  2. STAGE 2
    Unlocked after reaching 350,000 Birdies+ Anniversary Mini Game Event open!

    STAGE 2

  3. STAGE 3
    Unlocked after reaching 500,000 Birdies+ Jewel and Rune Gift (25x of each jewel and 25x normal runes)

    STAGE 3

  4. STAGE 4
    Unlocked after reaching 680,000 Birdies+ Burning Event! Unlimited One Point Lesson Ticket every minute!

    STAGE 4

  5. STAGE 5
    Unlocked after reaching 850,000 Birdies+ 20% EXP Boost on EXP Special Happy Course on Sat/Sun during the event time

    STAGE 5

  6. STAGE 6
    Unlocked after reaching 1,020,000 Birdies+ Up to 40% bonus CC during Special Sales

    STAGE 6

  7. STAGE 7
    Unlocked after reaching 1,200,000 Birdies+ 10% Discount on Special Box Sales!

    STAGE 7

  8. STAGE 8
    Unlocked after reaching 1,360,000 Birdies+ Happy Anniversary Special Event Box!

    STAGE 8