Anniversary Birdie Race

Event Period: September 6th 00:00 ~ September 30th 23:59

Welcome to our celebrations!
Another year another anniversary!
From Monday, September 6th, we will be monitoring the numbers of birdies
(or better) scored by our players.
When certain milestones are reached, we will unlock the associated bonus for you!

The more you play, the more you get!

GOAL800,000 Birdies!

420,978 / 800,000 birdie

To complete all of our goals you need to achieve over 800 000 Birdies or better during the duration of the event!
So what you have to do? Check out below (please click on stage banner to see what requirements and benefits are)


  1. STAGE 1
    Unlocked after reaching 100,000 Birdies+ Jewel rain! 25x Jewels of all types, 25x Normal Runes

    STAGE 1

  2. STAGE 2
    Unlocked after reaching 175,000 Birdies+ Tier-2 Reward Shop will be unlocked!

    STAGE 2

  3. STAGE 3
    Unlocked after reaching 250,000 Birdies+ Special Birthday Box Giveaway (Contains bundle of EXP items)

    STAGE 3

  4. STAGE 4
    Unlocked after reaching 325,000 Birdies+ 20% bonus EXP on happy course for Sundays till end of month

    STAGE 4

  5. STAGE 5
    Unlocked after reaching 400,000 Birdies+ Birthday Putting Mini Game!

    STAGE 5

  6. STAGE 6
    Unlocked after reaching 475,000 Birdies+ Ball Party!

    STAGE 6

  7. STAGE 7
    Unlocked after reaching 550,000 Birdies+ Tier-3 Reward Shop will be unlocked!

    STAGE 7

  8. STAGE 8
    Unlocked after reaching 625,000 Birdies+ 40% bonus CC ! This needs to be unlocked before the 24th!

    STAGE 8

  9. STAGE 9
    Unlocked after reaching 700,000 Birdies+ 30% bonus EXP on happy course for Saturdays till end of month

    STAGE 9

  10. STAGE 10
    Unlocked after reaching 800,000 Birdies+ 30% Discount on 30 Day Gold Platinum Membership, 20% Discount on Luxury !

    STAGE 10