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Shot_e_10 Error Message

shot_e_10 error message

This error message has not yet been sourced to a specific issue.


Please try the following suggestions to solve problems that would cause this error to appear:
1. Navigate to your Shot Online folder (commonly "C:\GamesCampus\Shot Online") and double click ShotOnline.exe, NOT shot.exe
2. In the launcher options menu, select 1024x768 mode in Full Screen or if this fails then select 800x600 in full screen
3. Make sure your desktop display color settings are set to 32bit mode and not 16bit mode or below. To do this, right click on your desktop, click properties and go to settings tab; you will see the pull down menu near the bottom of the resulting screen. Select 32bit and click Apply. 
4. Disable ENVMAP and Shadows in the Shot Online launcher; 
And as usual: 
5. Update your display adapter drivers. 
6. Disable anti-virus programs 
7. Disable firewall 
8. Close ALL programs running in the background 
If this does not work, you can try re-installing using the latest client. If re-installing please use this method to ensure it is done properly:
Short Instructions for a smooth reinstall:
1) Turn off any antivirus or firewall software you have running unless it is Microsoft Security Essentials.
2) Download CCleaner from 
3) Install CCleaner and go to the "Tools" tab, from there use the uninstall feature to remove Shot Online and Pando MediaBooster
4) Restart your computer and make sure the antivirus is still disabled upon the restart before taking the next steps
5) Open CCleaner again and use the registry cleaner as well as the normal cleaning options, make sure to back up your registry when it prompts you to do so. 
6) Download the new Shot Online client from
Make sure you use the link that says "Download" and not one of the mirror sites.
7) Install Shot Online from the new client you downloaded and let it update completely
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