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TOP32 - Series Finals!

Date Jun 15, 2017 Views 7,911
Jun 15, 2017 00:00 ~ Jul 15, 2017 00:00
Hello Shot Online Community!
It is time for the best to face each other in the TOP 32 Tournament!

Now that pairings are ready, please check the progress and your oponent here:


Now the Almost Most importan part: RULES.

1) Games need to take place in alloted time (Midnight of the day specified in table, server time)

Round Game Window
1/16 16.06 - 22.06
1/8 23.06 – 30.06
Quarter Final 1.07 – 7.07
Semi Final 8.07 - 14.07
Finals 15.07

2) Games are stroke mode, PARx2, 60 seconds, NO MULLIGANS. HARD RANDOM course
3) Highest level player makes the room
4) Agreed game time needs to be posted in the TOP 32 thread( The post will be decisive in case one of players doesn’t show for the game on time. The time need to be SERVER TIME. 
5) Maximum 15-minutes delay is accepted. If player is late more than 15 minutes, win is awarded to player who show on time
6) In case of disconnects disconnected player takes a triple bogey on that hole and game resumes for number of remaining holes.
7) After game screenshot of the score should be  posted on forum in the TOP32 thread:
(you can upload it to website gallery and post the link)
8) Hollid Players: Please equip your character with items you would like to use during tournament play and contact us (Vohkese on forum).

We will create a temporary Vallar character for you, with same stats and equipped items. Character will be locked after tournament (it will be new account).
WARNING: No items should be traded or given away, this might result in some very unpleasant consequences.
9) In case players can’t agree on a time 48h before the round ends, Time slot will be assigned by Vohkese. Players who don’t show for appointed game time will lose by default.
10) You can request an observer/refree to be present during the game. Please note that in your forum post.


11) In case of tie  - lower level player wins, In SEMI FINAL and FINAL additional Closer to the pin hole is played
12) All round 3 ( Quarter-finals), Semi finals and Final needs a referee. Referee needs to be accepted by both players. Please ask SOMs for help. Slamshots are not allowed and trying to use one will be punished by 2 stroke penalty on referee discretion. 



All players who show for their games will get reward!

1 10.000 CC 10 Large + 10 Small Tournament Boxes
2 7.000 CC 8 Large + 8 Small Tournaments Boxes
3 5.000 CC 7 Large + 7 Small Tournament Boxes
4 4.000 CC 6 Large + 6 Small Tournament Boxes
5 - 8 2.500 CC 5 Large + 5 Small Tournament Boxes
9-16 1.500 CC 4 Large + 4 Small Tournament Boxes
17-32 1.000 CC 3 Large + 3 Small Tournament Boxes

May the best player win!