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[Completed] Temporary Maintenance - 29th November

Date Nov 29, 2017 Views 4,665

Hello everyone!

As you may know, we experienced an issue with repeatable quests over the weekend, which allowed the quests to be completed more often than intended. Once we discovered this on Monday morning when we came to the office, we decided to remove the quests entirely from the game.

Today, we prepared a hotfix to introduce the Hugin and Bianca EXP quests once again, and would like to let you know what our plan of action for those is, who exploited this bug heavily.

[Maintenance Schedule]
Start: 00:30 Server Time, 29th November
End: 02:00 Server Time, 29th November

Update: The maintenance is complete, the server is now open!

[Patch Notes]
Repeatable "EXP" quests from Hugin and Bianca are back in the game.

[Next Steps]
A handful of players have been heavily abusing this exploit over the weekend and Monday. We have decided against a suspension from the game and instead, we will:

- Remove any EXP that was gained through this quest after completing it three or more times*.
- Reimburse one unsealed EXP Exchange Stone (up to 10 maximum) for each time the quest was completed, after it was completed three or more times*

*Why three or more times?
The quest reset fell on Monday morning server time. This means that all players were 
legitimately able to complete the repeatable quests two times, so we will only look at exploiters who completed the quest three or more times.

We have decided not to give back more than 10 unsealed EXP Exchange Stones as an additional punishment for those who knowingly exploited this bug over and over again to take advantage over other players who did not do this. To put this into perspective, someone has exploited the Hugin quest 81 times.

For those of you who got their EXP removed and went below 0% EXP (for example, if you levelled up through exploiting this quest), you will be in negative EXP and will have to catch up until your EXP bar moves again. That means on our end, your EXP will be (for example) -15%, but in the game, it will show as 0% for you. After you caught up with 15% of your EXP, your EXP bar will move again.

To make it clear, we are not removing any EXP from players who did not exploit the quest. We are only looking at removing unfairly gained EXP from players who completed the EXP quests three or more times.

[Weekend Server Issue Compensation]
We haven't forgotten about this! Please be patient with us, as we are currently still discussing the best way to compensate for the server crashes we experienced over the weekend. We will update you in a separate announcement about this. Please understand that fixing this exploit, and punishing the exploiters, has been our priority for now.

Now that we resolved these issues, we can look at compensation. We will update you soon!

Your Shot Online Team