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Now Available: Legendary Clubs - Brace Yourselves!

Date May 10, 2017 Views 5,041


Dear SOmmunity,


After last week's announcement of the new Honor Pro System, this week we have some further details regarding our upcoming maintenance.

Today we'd like to introduce the new club update: LEGENDARY!

The new legendary clubs are ranked one grade above group-2 clubs. While legendary clubs retain the bonuses and effects of group-2 clubs, they also receive additional, legendary effects.



"Don't ask what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club!"

After you craft a legendary club, it will receive two new stat bonuses.
One of those bonuses is the same for all legendary clubs:


★ +5 Skill & +5% EXP


The second bonus is arrived at via a combination of random parameters.

The following infographic shows how the second bonus stat is determined.

In the example above, we opted for the green path. The other lines are merely there to demonstrate how the system chooses between the various bonuses. For our club, we will receive the following bonuses:


★ +5 Skill
★ +5% EXP
★ +6% EXP for a birdie or better on all hard courses


So, if you manage to make all your clubs legendary and receive the best bonuses for each of them, you can get up to +120% EXP and +40 Skill. And, of course, all this is in addition to your group-2 masterpiece bonuses.


...and how do I get my hands on one of those sets?

After maintenance on May 23rd, you'll find that NPC Salvador has a number of new tabs available which specifically relate to the legendary clubs.

In order to craft a legendary club, you'll need two clubs to serve as material. Both of them must be of MP/MP grade. You'll also need the new item, "Legend Crafting Hammer".

Please note that the club series has no bearing on the crafting process of a legendary club - only the club type is relevant.

In order to craft a legendary driver, you also require two masterpiece/masterpiece drivers of any series as well as a Legend Crafting Hammer. Crafting a legendary club in such a way cannot fail. Only the bonuses mentioned earlier can vary.






...I'd like another one!

In case you don't like the randomly applied bonus, would prefer a different one for a specific event, or just feel like a change, there are two ways to modify the bonuses applied to your club.


1. Selective Change

To have control over the changes requires a Change Hammer and another masterpiece/masterpiece club of the same type. When you use the Change Hammer you can choose from five different bonuses. One of them is that already applied to the club, the other ones are randomly generated. You can pick one of the offered bonuses. None of them offer an EXP bonus of less than 6%.

The Change Hammer will be consumed in the process, regardless of whether or not the bonus is changed.


2. Random Change

The random modification of the legendary bonus does not require another masterpiece/masterpiece club as material. The disadvantage of this method is that you'll be relying on luck.

Simply place the unwanted legendary club in the relevant slot, add the Change Hammer and your club will receive a new bonus according to the principle demonstrated earlier in our infographic.

Again, the Change Hammer will be consumed in the process.



The Summary (or: tl;dr)...

★ Only clubs of the same type can be turned into legendary clubs
(e.g. 3W + 3W, Iron Set + Iron Set).

★ Clubs can belong to different series (e.g. Blast+Mighty, Titan+Zeus).

★ The resulting club takes the series of the club placed on the anvil
(e.g. a Mighty Iron is placed on the anvil and the other material is a
Mighty club, the result is a Legendary Mighty Iron Set).

★ Special clubs, such as the National Players Driver II or
the World Players Driver, can be upgraded but not used as material.

★ Legendary clubs glow more brightly. Those of you who thought that masterpiece clubs have a lovely glow should definitely check out the legendary clubs. (See picture on the top right)

★ The glow of the club does not depend on the specific set bonus. Legendary clubs glow regardless of how many of them a player owns.

★ Only tradeable clubs can be upgraded to legendary, with the exception of the National Player's Driver II and the World Player's Driver.

★ Only clubs with full durability can be upgraded to legendary.

★ The crafting window must be populated from top to bottom. You can't place an item in the bottom slot, when the two slots above are empty.

★ The legendary effect of a club is active even after its durability has reached 0.

★ Legendary bonuses are additional to previous bonuses. If you have 4 clubs with bonuses on Gleiger, you receive the bonus of each of them provided you've achieved the required score.


For example:

Gleiger +7% EXP, birdie or better
Gleiger +8.5% EXP, birdie or better
Gleiger +5% EXP, birdie or better
Gleiger +5.5% EXP, birdie or better
Gleiger +6.5% EXP, par or better

This means that you receive a total bonus of 32.5%, in addition to the legendary bonus, if you score a birdie or better on Gleiger. On the other hand, should you only score a par, you'll receive the 6.5% of the club that offers bonuses on "par or better".

You can modify the legendary effects of your club if you don't like them.

★ To control the modification of the effect, you need another master1/master2 club.
★ If you're happy to change the effect randomly, all you need is a Change Hammer.
★ The clubs must be of the same type (e.g. Driver + Driver, SW + SW, PW + PW, etc.)
★ The clubs must have full durability.
★ If you choose the option "random change", you get a new random legendary effect.
★ With the option "selective change", the EXP bonus will be at least 6% instead the previous 5%.
★ After you confirm the change, you will see 4 more options from which to choose. Those 4 options are randomly generated. If you don't like any of the 4 new options, you can also stick with your initial option.


The Legendary Club and Honor Pro System are launching May 23rd!
Best Regards,
Shot Online Team