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April Events Plan

Date Mar 31, 2017 Views 2,727

Hello Shot Online Community!

Spring is just around the corner!!

We have a lot  for you in the upcoming month! Regular events, Special events and tournament round 3, SOWC round 3, Match League, Guild Tournament, SOGA and more!


Please click the image to see it in full size. Also, please check the comments below the image for further explanations about the Mini Game Event, EXP Events times and our permanently active Dormant Account Event.

Click the picture to see full size.


SOWC starts  April 3rd, and ends after three weeks. After those three weeks, there will be one week break.

Birdies or Bust/Eagles or Else

Twice a week collaboration event.
Every Monday & Thursday through out the month ☞ 11:00AM ~ 12:00AM & 15:00PM ~ 16:00PM

Birdies or Bust:
Vallar Server : Achieve 999 Birdies in an Hour to receive 1HR of 3.0x EXP 
Hollid Server : Achieve 199 Birdies in an Hour to receive 1HR of 3.0x EXP

Eagles or Else:
Vallar Server : Achieve 399 Eagles in an Hour to receive 1HR of 3.5x EXP 
Hollid Server : Achieve 99 Eagles in an Hour to receive 1HR of 3.5x EXP 

'* When the stated above numbers are not achieved, the users will still gain 1.2x EXP for 1HR

Mini Game Information

Please note that the Mini Game event does not run continuously throughout the month without resetting. When the Mini Game mode changes (for example from Mini Game Event: Square to Mini Game Event: Cadeiger), the event is stopped, everything is reset, and the new Mini Game mode starts.

We remind you to be sure to collect your rewards before the Mini Game resets. Please also note that during the transition from one mode to another, the Mini Game might not be available for a few hours on that day.

Minigame will reset on 17th April.

ShotOn Monday

Every Monday throughout the month .
Score required ammount of birdies or eagles to get the prize!

Midweek Workout

Midweek 150% EXP boost. Chance to do some practice with slight experience increase.

Easter And webzen 8th Anniversary

We have many interesting events planned for you over easter. And after easter is over, webze's 8th Anniversary celebrations are starting!