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Forums are down 1/2/13 (Updated)

Date Jan 02, 2013 Views 2,198
Hello Shot Online Community
As you have probably noticed, our forums have gone down as of today due to a security issue. Though we do not believe any personal information was obtained, as the forum does not contain such user information, we recommend changing your passwords at this time as a precaution.
Unfortunately, recovering the previous forums is not an option, and a large amount of content will likely be lost. We appreciate your patience, as certain forum contests, events, etc. may be required to be postponed or cancelled, and submissions and winners of previous events may have been lost. We are working to recover as much information as possible at this time.
But, with all bad things must come some good! We would like to take this opportunity to make major improvements to our forum communities. Within the next month, we plan to put up an improved forum for all games. Each game will have its own forum, rather than being sections all on one main forum. This will allow each of our game teams to tailor the forums to their community specifically.
For the time being, we will be putting up a temporary forum which will have one section per game. Since this is a temporary solution, we do not recommend posting anything major, as it will not likely be moved to the new forum. But, it will remain a place for players to gather and chat about various topics.
We apologize for the inconvenience this incident has caused, and hope for your support in building up our new forum communities in the near future!
Thank you.

Shot Online Team