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Server Transfer on December 5th *** UPDATED 12/06/12 ***

Date Nov 28, 2012 Views 9,562
Hello Shot Online Community!

We will be transferring our server to U.S. from S. Korea on
December 5th starting from  2:00 P.M.(14:00 server time)
to December 6th 2:00 A.M. (2:00 server time)

What this means for the Shot Online Community is that we will have local access to the servers which could help the connectivity issue that players have been experiencing while playing.

We realize that it will affect players that have memberships so
we will be extending the membership for players by 3 days.

Players that have Gold Plus or Gold Platinum Membership that is active by December 5th, 2:00 P.M. (14:00 server time),
we will be extending your membership by three days.

We do apologize about the inconvenience that it may have caused you during those times
and we appreciate the patience from our players!

Updated 2:00 AM PST, 12/06/12

Originally, we were expecting tonight's maintenance to last about 12 hours. (From 2:00 PM PST, 12/05/12 to 2:00 AM PST, 12/06/12) 

However, as we were finishing up the maintenance, we found a couple of critical issues with the game.

We are working with the developers to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, but the delay seems to be inevitable.

As of right now, we are expecting the maintenance to be on-going until 4:00 AM PST, 12/06/12.

Further updates will be posted on this News post to inform the players about the maintenance progress.

We highly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank You,
Shot Online Team