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Coming Soon..!

Date Aug 09, 2012 Views 12,205

Hello Golfers,

There are some very exciting News I'd like to share with everyone! = ]

First of all, a new Guild House is on the way! The course for the new guild house will most likely be, Gleiger.
I know a lot of players and guilds have been dying to see a new Guild House and we are very excited to inform you guys about the current progress of the new guild house.

The Guild House is expecting to be released in early October along with other major update contents.

There isn't much that's been decided yet about the new Guild House so it's kind of hard for me to answer all the questions you may have but just know that the new Guild House will be added to Shot Online very soon! = ]

What other major update contents are coming with the new Guild House!?

Shot Online will be getting a BRAND NEW Square! Looking at some of the screenshots I received from the developers, it seems like players won't have to run around too much to get to one NPC to another. = ]

Below is a quick preview of the new Square. 

*Note* - The image is not the exact portrait of the new Square and the new Square may look different than the image above.

Another major update planned to be released is, UI renewal! 

This is something I'm very excited about personally, as I think the UI of Shot Online is very out-dated and I'm all about making my game screen look clean and new. 

I can probably sit here all day and try to explain how much better the new UI looks but I think this is something you should check it out on your own once the content's implemented. ^_^

I completely forgot to mention about another major upcoming content....
There will be a BRAND NEW course added to the game in the near future! 

There isn't much information on the new course either, but the new course is an actual course in real life and below is the image of the actual golf course. 

*NOTE* This is not an in-game image, but a picture of an actual golf course

These are only part of the future updates for Shot Online and that there will be much more exciting contents that you will want to check out!

We are expecting the new contents to be ready sometime in October and we just couldn't wait to share this exciting news with everyone on our service! 

Please note that the release date of the new contents has not been decided yet and as soon as we are informed about the release date, we will be sharing it with everyone. 

Hope everyone is happy to hear about the upcoming contents.
Let us know if you have any questions or comments via DQ&A board.
Thank everyone! yes

Shot Online Team