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Odelia Bug Related News *** UPDATED ***

Date Jul 13, 2012 Views 9,087
Hello everyone,

Last maintenance, we proceeded to remove all the Odelia items that were earned using a bug/glitch.

After carefully examining the logs, we have decided to permanently ban the players who knowingly abused this bug. (Players who abused this bug on multiple characters/accounts will be permanently banned as well.)

Also, players with the excessive amount of Odelias will be banned for 2 weeks.

Players that unintentionally received an Odelia item due to the bug, will not be punished.

Please note that we came to this conclusion after carefully looking through each player's logs as well as their account information.

For your future reference, if you find a bug or hear about it, PLEASE report it to us. We do not need you to test bugs for us.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us via DQ&A board.

Updated 7/14/12 8:30 PM server time.

The decision that was made by Shot Online team regarding the Odelia bug is final.

We will not be changing anything.

If you were banned, you were caught abusing the bug. 

If you read the Terms of Service, you might understand why we permanently banned these players, even after realizing that banning these high-level/paying users might hurt the game stats.

Yes. The bug was created by our developers, but that doesn't mean you should be taking an advantage of it and not expect any consequences.

Please understand that it is OKAY to make a mistake in your life... However, taking an advantage of someone else's mistake is just SELFISH and CHILDISH.

Again, if you were permanently banned yesterday, you were caught red-handed abusing this bug.

To explain why we did not inform the community about this issue, until about a week ago, the developers could not track down the players who abused the Odelia bug. When we can't fix the mistake we've made, (yes, the mistake is on us and I understand 100%) informing the players about the bug usually brings negative effects to the game. It was our choice to not inform the community about this as there was NOTHING we could do to prevent the players from abusing this bug at the time.

Therefore, informing more players, possibly the ENTIRE community about this bug would have made the ban-list MUCH longer.

Also, to explain how we know that these players "knowingly" exploited a bug, we have logs that show us when you received the Odelias as well as the number of Odelias you received. Not to mention that we even have screenshots of some of the players bragging about exploiting this bug and then not being caught for it.

"Wow. I did my best to read everything and normally would have a lot more to say. Not much time atm so I'll just say this. 
GC Messed up. Their glitch, their fault. To permanently ban people for their mistake is a load of bs. Especially with the nature of the glitch. I mean the Odel's are non tradable and level restricted. So the only thing they missed out on was some ng for Zod+. You passed the grads, did students and earned and Odel. So it's not like you didn't earn the right to use an Odel. Again, only thing they missed out on was a few ng for zod +. Oh wait.. some people buy CC's to buy boxes, to earn ng. So, hmmmm they figure they missed out on some $. Bingo! That's what it's about, $$$.
All they seem to care about"

If we cared about money, we wouldn't have came to such a conclusion. As we very well knew that the players we are banning are the high level/paying users.

We came to such a conclusion to:

1. Follow the Terms of Service.

2. Set an example for the community about exploiting bugs. (We do not care if you have spent billion dollars on the game. If you exploit a bug or harass an employee of GC or do anything that violates the Terms of Service, you will most likely be permanently banned.)

3. Be completely fair to ALL players. (both paying/non-paying users) There are tons of players who did not even know about this bug until the recent News posts. If we did not take any action regarding this issue, they can clearly see that we(GC) actually do only care about money and that following the Terms of Service is MEANINGLESS.

I'm sincerely sorry if you were permanently banned for exploiting a bug.
However, our decision is final and we will not be making any changes to it.

If you think the decision we've made is harsh or wrong or unfair even after reading this post, PLEASE send me a DQ&A and I will do my best to assist you.

I will not be answering anything regarding the Odelia bug on forums, as this will be my last response regarding it.

I appreciate your time and understanding.
Thank you.


Shot Online Team

Updated 7/16/12 3:00 PM server time

After continuously investigating the Odelia bug issue, we have noticed that there were only few specific players who genuinely abused the bug as well as help the others to gain unfair advantage in-game by doing the bug for them.

We are doing another investigation at the moment to track down the players who helped the others to gain unfair advantage in-game by helping them gain the bugged Odelia items.

After the investigation is over, we will most likely unban all the players who did not help the others to abuse this bug.
However, if you used the bug knowingly or if you abused the bug in multiple accounts, you will still be banned for 2 weeks to 1 month. (Players who abused the bug in multiple accounts will be banned for 1 month)

Only the players who helped the others to abuse this bug, will be permanently banned.

The main reason why we are bringing changes to our decision is because we did NOT post any announcement regarding this bug and that a lot of the players were not aware of the consequences and/or the fact that it is indeed a bug to receive 9 or more Odelias on 1 account.

Please note that, in the future, if we notice a bug that brings immediate impact to the game-play, we will MAKE SURE to write a News post about it to warn the players about abusing the bug.

We will do our best to find the culpirit(s) who's been offering the others to "level their students" and then helping them gain the bugged Odelias.

If your account is still banned, we are currently working to investigate it so if you have any questions or comments, please contact us via the DQ&A board.

We appreciate your understanding as well as your cooperation.
Thank you as always.


Shot Online Team
p.s. I have made a forum thread about the investigation process. Please click *HERE* to see how the investigation is going.