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Update on Pro Avatars

Date Jun 14, 2012 Views 3,813
Hello everyone,

Due to our contract with the real players ending on 6/30/12, we will be replacing all the items/avatars related to real players except Paula Creamer and K.J. Choi, during the 6/26/12 maintenance.

The avatars that will be removed will be; Sergio Garcia, Anthony Kim, and Miyazato Mika.

Current avatars of these players will be exchanged to either K.J. Choi or Paula Creamer.

Here is the specific table of how this avatar exchange process will go about.

Now After (6/27/12~) Note
K.J. Choi Avatar K.J. Choi No change
Paula Creamer Paula Creamer No change
Sergio Garcia K.J. Choi Will be changed to K.J. Choi
Miyazato Mika Paula Creamer Will be changed to Paula Creamer
Anthony Kim K.J. Choi Will be changed to K.J. Choi

After the maintenance on 6/26/12, all the avatars will be changed as above.

All the stats on your avatars will stay exactly the same. 
For ex., if you have a Sergio Garcia Lv 8 item, then it will be changed to K.J. Choi Lv 8.

The duration of your avatar will also stay the same.

We would like to apologize to everyone that's been supporting these real player avatars.
We appreciate your kind understanding.
Thank you.


Shot Online Team