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Scheduled Maintenance 6/12/12

Date Jun 07, 2012 Views 3,794
Hello Golfers!

We have scheduled maintenance planned for
 6/12/2012 starting at 10:00PM (22:00:00) server time, here are the details!

Maintenance Contents

*Bug Fixes/Changes
-Course Open quests Removed
(You will no longer need to complete any quests to play certain courses. All courses should be available from the start.)

*Guild Icons/Banners Updated
*Routine Server Check-Up
*Routine Server Maintenance
Also I would like to remind everyone that if you are trying to have your guild icon/banner submitted, to please do so in the DQA board, by the Friday 5:00pm prior to the next maintenance. Below is the format required for a successful submission:
Please name your DQA title as 'Guild Icon Submission'
Guild Icons:

Guild Name
Guild Masters ID
Guild Masters Character Name
Image in BMP format (16 by 16 pixels) and 24 bit color
Please name your DQA title as 'Guild Banner Submission'
Guild Banners:

Guild Name
Guild Masters ID
Guild Masters Character name
Banner sizes: 
Outside the guild room 
512 x 256 pixels 24 bit color
Inside the guild room 
256 x 512 pixels 24 bit color
Must be in JPEG or BMP format, and if you would like them to show up in a specific way, label the files accordingly (left, right, center, outside)
Shot Online Team
Golf Game - Shot Online