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🐇 Easter Box, 30% Bonus CC & Lucky Drop Map!

Date Apr 12, 2017 Views 4,593
Apr 13, 2017 02:00 ~ Apr 18, 2017 02:00

We Wish You A Happy Easter!


Dear Shot Online Community,

We hope you can all enjoy a calm easter weekend, full of chocolate-goodness and egg coloring! Whether you celebrate Easter with your friends and family or not, we wish you, as always, a wonderful time... and we won't judge if you just eat your eggs without hiding them first. 😋


🐣 Special Edition: Easter Box 🐣


No special event without a special edition box! Just like on St. Paddy's last month, we're going big this easter and present our "Masterpiece-Packed-EXP-Gallore-Offer-Of-the-Month"... or in short:


Easter Box!


Buy 10, Get 3 Free
4990 CC

Buy 5, Get 1 Free
2495 CC

Buy 1
499 CC

Please note that "PURCHASE" links only become available when the sale starts!

Reward Event

Our most loyal box openers and buyers get additional rewards!

Top Buyers & Top Openers Random 10 Buyers
Rank 1 to 3
15x Club Reinf. Ticket G1+G2

Rank 4 to 10
10x Club Reinf. Ticket G1+G2

Rank 11 to 30
5x Club Reinf. Ticket G1+G2
Random Pick Among Buyers!
3x Club Reinf. Ticket G1+

Easter Box Contents

Contains one of the following items (Name / Amount*):

1x US 11th Anni. Putter [Masterpiece]
1x Titan G 3W/5W R [Masterpiece]
1x Blast G Iron Set R [Masterpiece]
1x Mighty G Putter R [Masterpiece]
1x Mighty G Driver R [Masterpiece]
1x Mighty G Iron Set R [Masterpiece]
1x Mighty G SW/AW/PW R [Masterpiece]
1x Hestia G Putter R [Masterpiece]
1x Hestia G Driver/3W/5W R [Masterpiece]
1x Hestia G Iron Set R [Masterpiece]
1x Hestia G SW/AW/PW R [Masterpiece]
1x Zeus G Putter R [Masterpiece]
1x Zeus G Driver R [Masterpiece]
1x Zeus G Iron Set R [Masterpiece]
1x Zeus G SW/AW/PW R [Masterpiece]
1x Hola Rio G Putter R [Masterpiece]
1x Hola Rio G Driver R [Masterpiece]
1x Hola Rio G Iron Set R [Masterpiece]
1x Hola Rio G SW/AW/PW R [Masterpiece]
1x Skuld G SW/AW/PW R [Masterpiece]
1x US 11th Anni. Putter + Club Reinforcement Ticket Group 1
1x Hestia G Driver/3W/5W R + Club Reinforcement Ticket Gr. 1
1x Hestia G Iron Set R + Club Reinforcement Ticket Group 1
1x Hestia G SW/AW/PW R + Club Reinforcement Ticket Group 1
Other Items!
1x Menoetios Gem 2000/1000/500 (40%)
1x Eunomia Gem 2000/1000/500 (45%)
1x Magos E3.0 250
1x Hesione EXP Badge 8% 100
1x Hesione EXP Badge 9% 100
1x Epimetheus EXP Badge 10% 100
1x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 1
Advanced Bundle: 5x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 1
Legendary Bundle: 10x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 1
1x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 2
Advanced Bundle: 5x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 2
Legendary Bundle: 10x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 2
1x Fitting Plus Ticket
1x Fitting Ticket - Power/impact/Skill/Stamina Perfection Plus
 2x Character Type Change Ticket - Clubs
1x Zodiac Plus 1000
1x Swing Trainer P-2/I-2/K-2/S-2 [20%] or [30%]
1x Ambrosia 40% 25/50
1x Ambrosia 45% 25/50
1x Theurgia P60 100/250/500
1x Theurgia P65 100
1x Theurgia P65 100 + Theurgia P65 150
2x Theurgia P65 250
1x Mageia Plus N6 150/250
2x or 1x Smart Ball Marker AA (10)
Sets of Items
Set 1  2x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 1
 3x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 2
Set 2  1x Menoetios Gem 2000
 1x Zodiac Gem II 2000
 1x Loki Gem III 2000
 1x Thor Gem III 2000
 1x Odin Gem III 2000


Lucky Drop Map!
To increase your chance of geting random box drops (which might contain Paint Buckets during the Easter Mission Event, which you need to paint eggs), try out this new Map of Lucky Drop!


Map of Lucky Drop
240 CC

Map of Lucky Drop Sale will be available until Tuesday 18th April.



🎉 30% Bonus CC Event 🎉

In honor of all busy easter bunnies hiding eggs this weekend, we will be hosting a 30% Bonus CC Event from Thursday, 13th April (00:00) to Sunday 16th April (23:59). Top Up Here!




As usual, only the following payment methods will be part of this Bonus Event, and only the above top up sums.

CherryCredits, E-Prepag, GamesCampus Prepaid Game Card, Gocash, GocashCAD, GocashMXN,  MOL Card, Moneybookers, PayByCash, Paypal, PaySafeCard*, Rixty, UKash,
Ultimatepay, UOL 

*Please note, that PaySafeCard is available through Rixty
*Restrictions: Bonuses are based on the amount per transaction, not combined fill-ups. Some purchase methods may not process right away due to various factors. We are not responsible for the process time delay; we cannot issue out the Bonus CC if your payment does not get processed before the end of the event. First Time Purchase will not be available for this particular event.

🥚 Easter Mission Event 🥚


Don't forget that you can color eggs not only in real life during Easter, but also in Shot Online!

With a little luck you will find one of our hidden White Egg Missions during rounding. Mix it with a bucket of paint from randomly dropped boxes and get colored eggs with a variety of buffs when consumed (or collect them all to get an Easter Basket containing a set of Swing Trainers and 2% of your Level!)

👉 Check out our Easter Mission Event post for more information.



We wish you all the best and a great easter time!

Your Shot Online Team