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2017 Ticket Box - Weekend Sale!

Date Jan 05, 2017 Views 2,164
Jan 05, 2017 00:00 ~ Jan 09, 2017 02:00

Hello Shot Online Community,

The Ticket Box includes all the useful tickets you need in Shot Online!

From Reinforcement Tickets, to Birdie Maps, anything of value that's a ticket, a map, or a card, is inside this box! See anything of value missing? Let us know and we'll include it in the next Ticket Box!


Available for a limited time!
From Thursday, 5th January until Monday, 9th January

Buy 10, Get 3 Free
4990 CC

Buy 5, Get 1 Free
2495 CC

Buy 1
499 CC

Please note that "PURCHASE" links only become available when the sale starts!


Top 5 Openers 5 Random Buyers
Rank 1
5x Club Reinf. Ticket Group 2

Rank 2
4x Club Reinf. Ticket Group 2

Rank 3 to 5
3x Club Reinf. Ticket Group 2
Random Pick Among Buyers!
2x Club Reinf. Ticket Group 2

2016 Ticket Box Contents
Contains only one (unless otherwise noted) of the following items:

Tickets, Maps, Cards
1x [Map] Birdie Map for All Courses
A Birdie Map for All Courses!
1x Fitting Ticket - Power, Impact, Stamina, or Skill Perfection Plus
This ticket will fill all your remaining empty slots with Power, Impact, Stamina or Skill
5x Character Type Change Ticket - Clothes or Clubs
Changing character type of your clothes, costumes or Clubs
3x Club reinforcement ticket - Group 2 or Group 1
Ticket for club reinforcement to receive additional stat and set effect 
2x One Point Lesson Ticket (200, 250, or 300)
Increase Practice density by using it.
2x Fitting Plus Ticket
Increasing available fitting count +1 as combining into a club
5x Fitting Recovery Ticket
Recovers a failed club fitting attempt
1x Bottom, Cap, Top, Gloves or Shoes Reinforcement Ticket (+25% or +30%)
Upgrade your group 3 set clothes by 25% or 30%.
1x Locker Expansion ticket 30days
When using ticket, temporary locker is available for 30 days.
1x Grace Vela VIP Card
When this VIP card is used, it is registered as an Avatar (Additional EXP 45%)
1x Belita card level 10 - P, Meriel card level 10 - I, or Calix card level 10 - K
When a card is used, it is registered as an avatar(additional EXP 35%)

SET: Bag Exchange Ticket + Golf Half Bag Ticket + Wallet Exchange Ticket
- Gives 15 extra inventory slots. 1 Slot for accessory items.
- Golf Half Bag Ticket - 30 days
- Gives 9 extra inventory slots. 1 Slot for accessory items.

If you have any questions or comments about the sale, please contact us through our Forum. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Shot Online Team