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Welcome to Shot Online Event (Free 7 Day Gold Plus Membership)

Date May 28, 2013 Views 14,747
May 29, 2013 00:00 ~ Jun 30, 2013 23:59

Hello Shot Online Community!


 We are happy to announce that all new registered players and
inactive users for more than 3 months
will now be eligible to receive a complimentary

FREE Gold Plus Membership(7Days)
along with the items below!

For all new players &
 For all returning players that have been inactive for more than three months

>>>Click here to reactivate your account and claim your FREE Gold Plus Membership (7days)<<<

These players, if eligible, will be able to notice a separate icon to purchase the 
Free Gold Plus Membership(7Days)
through the web item-mall only!

Promotional Times
Starting Time
5/29/13 After the Maintenance
Ending Time
6/30/13 11:59 P.M. (23:59 server time)

**Players will only be eligible for this offer if they sign up or reactivate their membership after the maintenance on 5/29/13** 

** Players will only be able to see the icon and claim their membership on May 29th,2013**

Players that have deposited CC's without purchasing any items or
if they have received items through the Free Items tab
are still eligible for the Free Gold Plus Membership (7days)!!!

*Players that have purchased any items/memberships with CC cannot participate in this event*

Here are the items that will come with your 
FREE Gold Plus Membership(7Days)

Item Name Description Durability
USA Ball 3PC USA National Logo ball with Power +1 and Impact +1 250
Fedora A100 Resets all stats up to 100 stat points
(excluding base stats)
Zodiac Plus 100 Enhanced Zodiac with all stats +4 100
Cyma II When equipped, the user will receive triple NG for 250 holes.
- Usable at any level
- Usable in the Square (World Map) 
- Usable in the course (game) 
- No more than 1 item can be used at the same time.
Mageia Plus D2
(2X EXP)
-Experience Modifier that gives 2x EXP 100
7 Days of Shiny Shirt - Impact +1, Skill +4, Socket +1    7 Days
7 Days of Shiny Pants - Power +4, Impact +1, Socket +1 7 Days
7 Days of Shiny Cap - Impact +1, Skill +4, Socket +1 7 Days
7 Days of Shiny Glove - Impact +4, Skill +1, Socket +1 7 Days
7 Days of Shiny Shoes - Power +4, Impact +1, Socket +1 7 Days
Mulligan -A card that gives the ability to have a mulligan
-Automatically takes effect in a mulligan applied room
KJ Choi Card Level 10 - K When a card is used, it is registered as an avatar (Additional EXP 35%) 1 Day
FF Ticket II This ticket makes the ball speed faster. 18

Note: All items above are NON-TRADEABLE
Note: You will only be able to receive this benefit once per account.



To receive the FREE Gold Plus Membership(7days) along with the many items that come with them
>>>>>Click here to claim your Free Gold Plus Membership (7days)<<<<<

For those that are new to Shot Online, we have an assortment of items that we give out for free! 
****Click here to see the items that we give out for free!****

Once you click to receive the membership, the membership/items will be sent to your 'Virtual Locker'.
You can access your 'Virtual Locker' by talking to NPC Potter.

When you make a character, your virtual locker password should be set to default, 0000.

These items will not only help your game,
they will help you level up faster!!

The Map below will show you where NPC Potter is located!

Promotional Times
Starting Time
5/29/13 After the Maintenance
Ending Time
6/30/13 11:59 P.M. (23:59 server time)

We are not only hoping that our new membership will enjoy this promotion
but also the returning players as well!
There will be no better time for you to invite your friends and family to Shot Online!! 

-Shot Online Team