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Wristband Box #1

Date Sep 19, 2012 Views 7,682
Sep 19, 2012 15:00 ~ Sep 21, 2012 17:00
Hello Golfers,

With the release of the new Wristband item, we have prepared a box that contains many variety of Wristbands.

The Wristbands inside the new Wristband Box will have one or multiple of the beneficial stats listed below.

1. Bonus EXP : 5% EXP, 10% EXP, or 15% EXP
2. Bonus NG : 5% NG, 10% NG, 15% NG or 20% NG
3. Socket(s) : One or two possible sockets
4. Base Stats :  +2 Power, Impact, Stamina or Skill or +3 Power, Impact, Stamina or Skill
5. UV(P. Density) 

As you can see above, your new Wristband item can have up to 5 beneficial stats. 

Please note that the Wristbands cannot have multiple of the same beneficial stats.
(e.g. your Wristband item cannot have both 5% EXP and 10% EXP stats)

There are many variations of Wristbands inside the box, so try communicating with the others to see how good of a Wristband item is in your hands. = ]

No actual item-list will be posted as the box only contains the Wristbands but with different stats.
Please *Click Here* to learn more about the Wristbands.

 >> Click here to purchase 5 Wristband Boxes << 

 >> Click here to purchase 1 Wristband Box << 

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or issues regarding the new Wristband item.
Thank you for the support as always!

Shot Online Team

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